Red Gage – How You Can Share and Earn

Share and EarnYou know it’s strange how you join social sites and then forget that you did and then get a friend request – so you head over to say hi and welcome them. Well, this is a site that I had joined 2 years ago and forgot about – so let me tell you about Red Gage – and how you can Share and Earn.

So many times, people don’t know how to write articles, post videos, upload photos, links etc. Well what better place to learn – you can learn to do all this and get paid when you share – no you can’t have your friend keep clicking on what you are sharing – it’s based on the unique hits.

Red GageYou can join Red Gage and then start posting blog post, videos, photos, links etc and then share them and watch your pennies add up.  Things !NOT! To Do on RedGage   There are a few things that are not allowed and this is a great article on them – not how much this guy earned for people sharing his post.

Here are some other things that I have tried doing – just to give you some examples

I just added this picture of my cardinal as he gave me this shot Cardinal In Winter

Just added this video of Winter In Wisconsin

Added the link to Craig’s List Building Class

Also here is a blog post that was made yesterday Advanced Affiliate Marketing Strategies That Equal Success

So why am I telling you this, well this is a way to get your feet wet, learn to do what you should be doing – I just going to keep posting and forget about the money that I can earn – this just gives me another place to post things and test what people will click on and another place to brand yourself and meet others.

If you are like me this is like throwing your change in a jar and forget about it – you might be surprised how much that change adds up.  So head on over, add me as a friend and start earning now.  If you want more info about- skype me @ nancyradlinger.

10 Ways To Make More Money In Network Marketing

Network Marketing is an excellent way for the “average Joe or Jane” to make an extra income.  This business concept has been around for decades, and it will not disappear any time soon. The reason for its popularity is simple… It Works!  It does however, require lots of work and most importantly, dedication and persistence to get the job done.  The best part is, once you are able to set up a solid network, your business becomes MUCH less time intensive.  Almost like going on “autopilot”.  The key is to get there as fast as possible.


Here are just a couple of tips I have found to be helpful in maximizing your Network Marketing Business:

1. Use your products regularly.

This is Number 1 for a reason, this is the most ignored part of ANY network marketing business.  How do you expect your business to succeed if you will not even use your own products?  It does seem silly to even have to bring this up, but there are many who are not using their own products, and wonder why they are not making any money.  Make a commitment to use your products for a year, and see where your business goes.

2. Educate yourself constantly.

This is very important!  You must rid yourself of negative ideas, sometimes referred to as “stinkin thinkin”.  This can be done in a variety of ways.  I recommend reading at least 15 minutes a day, but try to shoot for 30.  Business and self-help books are a great way to start.  Don’t forget your Multi-level magazines, as they are full of tips and advice.  Lastly, listen to cassette tapes on multi-level tips from top earners in your business.

3.  Spend as much time as possible with your upline.

Your upline should have only one goal in mind, To Help You Succeed!  They are a vast source of knowledge and information.  Mingle with top distributors in your group, or other groups, and ask how they made it.  Most everyone should be more than happy to provide you with excellent tips and advice.

4. Present your products and marketing plan personally to at least one person daily.

Remember above when I said you are going to have to work, well here it is. Now here is the key, the prospects to whom you present your plan, do not have to be yours personally.  Show the plan for your downline, and not only will you create “security” by placing members in your downlines’ downline, it will also give you a boost in your personal income!   I can guarantee if you were to follow this rule for 6 months, you would create a downline with enough width and depth to create an income to sustain you and your family for life.

5.  Care for your downline.

An entire book can be written on this topic. Usually, it’s the little things that show you really care.  Try to maintain regular contact, and always praise your distributor’s accomplishments. You can even offer incentives for specific achievements, such as money, travel, recognition, or other rewards, to help motivate your group.

6.  Duplicate yourself by making distributors independent of you.

This will help to multiply your time, thus making you and your group more effective.  Always lead by example. Never stop recruiting, training and retailing.  Remember the KISS formula – “Keep It Simple, Sweety” I know, I know, I changed the last word, but it maintains the meaning.  This can be done my conducting simple, brief, yet dramatic presentations, and teaching your downline to do the same.

7. Create a large customer base.

This is another largely ignored, yet very important, piece of your network marketing business.  Many try so hard to build a huge downline, that they forget how much profit they could also make by selling their products to retail customers.  Some people will just not want to become part of your downline, no matter how great a product/system you may have.  This does not mean they will not be personally interested in your product.  Try to make everyone your customer.  Once you earn their trust, they will come to you more, and perhaps even join your downline later.  Always “leave the door open”, as people’s needs do change.

8.  Focus on your customers needs.

You must give customers more than they expect, and always satisfy your customers complaints immediately.  Try to listen 80% of the time, and talk only 20%.  As stated above, your customers can be a huge source of future referrals and/or business.  You must earn and maintain their trust.  Once you have their trust, you can always ask for referrals, which leads to even more business and a larger downline.

9.  Set daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals – and Write Them Down!

You may have heard the expression, “How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.”  Breaking up a larger goal into smaller easily attainable goals, is the key to success.  You cannot just jump to the end, you have to make progress everyday.  Writing them down is another largely ignored, important tip to help you succeed.  A goal is just a “passing thought”, or “wish” until you put it in writing.  That is when it becomes concrete and real.  It is also a great idea to keep a business journal of your daily activities, as it will help you to become more productive and time-conscious.

10.  Get Out There And Do It Now!
All of the knowledge in the world is useless and unprofitable, until you put the most important ingredient of them all in place.  This “secret” ingredient should come as no surprise at all, but this is the #1 reason for failure at anything in life.  It is ACTION!  Remember, knowledge is useless without action.
Following these steps will almost give you immediate results.  Thank you for reading this, and I truly hope this has provided you with valuable information to help you and your business grow and succeed.
What you waiting for??????  This is your kick in the A _ _ !

Recommended Plugins

As the journey of blogging continues, we often hear from others about plugins that we should add to our blogs – well I have a few recommended plugins that are working for me and would love to share.


This plugin checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not. You need a API key to use it. You can review the spam it catches under “Comments”. By default, this plugin is included in every blogware. All you need is the API key to activate this feature. Without this plugin, you will receive a lot of spam comments when time pass by.

Automatically add links on your posts to popular social bookmarking sites. These little color icons make it easy for your readers to bookmark your posts to their bookmarking sites. There is a variety of bookmarking sites icons to add on. It also makes your blog more cool.

All In One SEO pack:

Well I don’t know about you but I am still learning and don’t really understand  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a term used by the website owners to signify the customization done to a blog in favor of a better search engine results from Google, Bing etc.


This plugin shows a link to the last post from your commenter’s blog right in the comment box.  Just activate and it’s ready. You must be grateful to your loyal readers. To show your appreciation, why not give them some link love? When your reader enable CommentLuv when they post a comment in your blog, their latest blog post link will be added at the end of his/her comment too.

Visitor Maps and Who’s Online:

This is a fun plugin that lets you see who is visiting your blog – it well let you know if bots are finding you, will tell you what the last url that the person was at and the list goes on and on – wait till you see the map it gives showing your visitors

WP Comment Auto Responder:

I don’t know about you but this plugin is worth it’s weight – this is the one that will send an auto thank you to your visitor after they have commented – this one I really like – only thing is – make sure you rewrite the thank you message to say what you want it to say.

WP Super Cache

This one I just got as my blog seems to be running so slow and after chatting with a techie guy at my hosting site, he recommended this one to speed up my blog.  I have to say that it has helped some but still not fully recovered.

Therefore the reason for this post – I have read that you can have too many plugins and I know can get addicting as there are so many out there that do so many wonderful things.  My questions are ………….does anyone have suggestions or tips on how I can speed my blog?  Do you think that a person can have too many plugins?  Do you have any recommended plugins?

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

You know I see more and more online marketers get on a bandwagon for the newest and hottest thing that is happening now and I have to say don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

When I first started online, I was looking for ways to get my info out there for others to see – well there are many ways to get your info seen by others and the hottest one right now seems to be facebook.   Now I”m not saying that this is not a great place to be right now but I also have a few things I want to point out.

Facebook has over 500 million users right now – that is more people than reside in the USA, just to give you an idea the volume we are talking about.  Believe it or not, according to the Facebook website itself, people spend over 700 BILLION minutes per MONTH on Facebook.  Incredible huh? Now you can see why this is the hottest place to be.

Here is my word of caution to everyone, as I see this happening so often lately, and it’s going to happen to some of you on facebook.  Online marketers get in there and violate the terms and I see this being done on a daily basis – some are getting away with it BUT this will not continue.

If you keep violating the TERMS, you could wake up one morning and find all your work, all your friends, all your leads and all your contacts are gone!  Now I’m not just picking on Facebook, I’m  just using them as example because so many are there right now doing things that they should NOT be doing.

So what I’m trying to say is: First, abide by the rules on social sites and Second, don’t put all your eggs in one basket – relying on ONE source for your leads or building your business – you could wake up one morning and it’s all gone.

Being a victim myself, I had a “FREE” wordpress blog years ago and didn’t read the terms.  There is a reason that your “FREE” wordpress is “FREE” – it’s designed for you to blog about things that are NOT going to bring you any financial gain.  After a year and a half, of my free blog, I woke one morning to find my followers and many of my posts GONE – shut down – violation of terms.

The bottom line is this: while building your list, make sure you are using a squeeze page, a lead capture page and some kind of opt-in form for your leads to be on. You just never know what might happen.  Without this, if your account should get deleted – you will lose all these people in the blink of an eye.  It’ll be too late to do anything about it.

It’s not fun starting over  – so don’t put all your eggs in one basket – scatter your eggs – and take time to read the TERMS of the site that you are on and using.

Good Manners Etiquette Online

Well, I have about stood all that I can without speaking out about some things that have been bothering me and is really annoying and think that many need to learn good manners etiquette online.

Over the years, I really don’t know where people manners have disappeared to and where they learned them as this has just been crazy and some really are just plain rude – so here goes lololol

The BIGGEST one is what don’t you understand about sites being a SOCIAL site.  It’s sad to say but you are just pushing people away from you and if you are trying to earn money online – listen to this – it’s not working.

Over time, I have worked very hard building a list, building a relationship, and yes when I first started I knew everyone on my friends list personally.  Now I will be the first one to admit that as the years have gone and I meet more and more people, it does get hard to chat with everyone as much.

BUT you people have to learn that Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Yuwie, Swom, and the list goes on – are SOCIAL SITES.  They are not advertising sites unless you want to buy some advertising and then put up your site.

The first thing you people have to learn is when you meet someone – it’s Hi, nice to meet you and maybe hope you have a great day, week or weekend.  It’s not Hi, thanks for adding me and here is my miracle product that I want to cram down your throat.  Well I don’t know about you but you know what I do with a HI like that – I remove you, delete you and block you most of the time.  I see this all the time on these social sites.   Naughty, Naughty, Naughty

And for you that are going to tell me I don’t do that I offer the newbie that I meet a free gift like I see in all the auto messages on Twitter – Hi thanks for the add and here is my free gift for you – well it may be free BUT it’s still a freaking link – delete, remove and block

You are never going to build your list or get people to buy anything from you unless you get to know them – SOCIALIZE  with them and talk about them – here is a little tip – the word “I” is the least important word there is when you are first getting to know about someone – when that person is feeling comfortable with you – you know what?????? – they will will ask you well what do you do on here, how long you been online, etc.

ONLY when it gets to that point that you can mention “I” and then don’t go into this long sales pitch right away so that they are sorry they ask you.   A simple I work online helping other to learn about internet marketing and then drop it – take it back to them.  If they ask you how long you been online – then tell them that I have been online for 4, 5, 6 etc. years and love my job and then take it back to them.

You want to know why????? Because people really do like to be heard, they actually do like to share info about themselves if you will only let them – if you show an interest – listen to their fishing story, listen to them talking about their pets, their kids, their grandkids, their hobbies, and most of all what they are having problems with and what type of help that you can give them – THIS IS SOCIALIZING

Now another thing that is very annoying to me and can’t believe that so many grown adults just don’t know what the word “NO” is – when you have someone say NO then respect them and move on don’t keep yapping at them.  You know what that is going to do the next time they see that you are online – they are going to become invisible to avoid you or they just delete you and blocked you.

Speaking of being invisible (as on skype) either means that they are not at their computer, they are working etc. or they don’t want to talk right now.  So just leave them a message and ask them when they have some time could they contact you – you’d like to chat with them.  AND when you see a green light – use some manners and ask the person – do you have a minute? got time for a question?

AND have you forgot what “DO NOT DISTURB” means?????????  Well for all of you that have forgotten and I see this so much on Skype – it means they DO NOT WANT TO BE DISTURBED.  That means – no messages, no chatting and surely no calls – now that is just rude and shame on all of you that don’t respect people enough to give them their privacy when they ask.

Good manners etiquette online is no different than offline – you need to learn to treat people like you would like to be treated – stop and think about what you are doing and what type of example are you setting when you don’t watch your manners.

Investing in Your Business

Now I know you are wondering why in the world would a person chat about this – well there are many reason and after chatting with a friend last nite – thought investing in your business should be discussed.

I run into so many people online that do not see what they are doing as a business and don’t treat it that way. Most feel that I have a website and it’s hosted – so will set back and wait for the traffic. Now come on – would you do that with an offline business????? – would you rent a building and fill it up with inventory and just set back and wait for people to walk in the door???????

No, first of all the first thing you should have done was had a business plan. You need to have a niche – either online or offline. Did you do your research ahead of time or just jump on the bandwagon of a niche you heard someone else say might be good?

The other thing that I see that is a downfall of why people don’t make it is they don’t get the training or the know how of their niche. Let me ask you would you open up a beauty or barber shop and not know how to even cut hair. Well there are many online that are doing that and they wonder why they are not making any money.

The other thing is investing in your business is do you open a store and don’t get a phone, don’t buy any inventory, don’t promote??? How long do you think that you are going to be in business if you don’t invest some money.

This goes for online business also – you have to have a site, you have to have the sites hosted and you need a way to communicate with your member or clients. Well, I have seen many stop with that and then wonder why they still are not making it. You have to promote – now let me ask you if in your offline store – you just relied on free advertising – how long do you think you would be able to keep the doors open – examples – handing out fliers, putting up posters, trying to tell all your friends etc. Not very long as your lead and prospect list would die out pretty soon.

Well online is no different, if you rely just on all the free ways of promoting – your lead or prospect list is going to die out also. This is one of the time that investing in your business is necessary to stay alive. Why do you think 97% of the people online fail??????

My friend and I were talking the other day and in the conversation we both agreed that it’s a shame that people can not take their business serious online enough to invest $10.00. Now I will be the first one that will tell you that yes you can loose money but that is a chance that you take with any business.

The key here is if you have done your homework – you would have had all this laid out in your business plan – your niche, your targeted people, where to find them, and the cost to find them. So I ask you – if you are one of those that did not do these things – then STOP right now before you become part of the 97% and start investing in your business.

Investing in your business don’t just require money, it requires YOUR TIME – are you willing to put in the necessary time to grow your business. If you are one that keeps making excuses why you didn’t get this done or that done, you don’t know how to do this or that and you don’t know what your niche is or where your targeted people are – then you should just go play some games on Pogo and stop wasting your time.

I know these are things that people don’t like hearing BUT if you are going to be part of the 3% then you need to listen and take action NOW.

Spam Comments

You know it really get crazy at all the spam comments that come thru someone’s blog and I just wanted to refresh everyone’s memory about how disappointing they can be sometimes.

As stated in another post, you really have to watch what is coming thru in your spam and when you see things like this for an example – you know they are spam. It is pleasant right here. nice research. I\\\’ve been looked the info for a while. thanks and here is the link – now this is some of what to watch for
Another – thank you for posting this one is very interesting and the link is
Good collection of work & excellent site! – link is
hey friend… i think your site is very interisting for me….. your site give me some important information.. thanks a lot! link is

To read more of that post, follow this link Spam Comments – What To Watch For

What I wanted to also show you is how it can happen on any site that you write on. I had this happened to me on Apsense and was so disappointed that I wrote a post about it and wanted to share. I found the comments very interesting – take a look here Shame, Shame, Shame – Need to Vent