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Share and EarnYou know it’s strange how you join social sites and then forget that you did and then get a friend request – so you head over to say hi and welcome them. Well, this is a site that I had joined 2 years ago and forgot about – so let me tell you about Red Gage – and how you can Share and Earn.

So many times, people don’t know how to write articles, post videos, upload photos, links etc. Well what better place to learn – you can learn to do all this and get paid when you share – no you can’t have your friend keep clicking on what you are sharing – it’s based on the unique hits.

Red GageYou can join Red Gage and then start posting blog post, videos, photos, links etc and then share them and watch your pennies add up.  Things !NOT! To Do on RedGage   There are a few things that are not allowed and this is a great article on them – not how much this guy earned for people sharing his post.

Here are some other things that I have tried doing – just to give you some examples

I just added this picture of my cardinal as he gave me this shot Cardinal In Winter

Just added this video of Winter In Wisconsin

Added the link to Craig’s List Building Class

Also here is a blog post that was made yesterday Advanced Affiliate Marketing Strategies That Equal Success

So why am I telling you this, well this is a way to get your feet wet, learn to do what you should be doing – I just going to keep posting and forget about the money that I can earn – this just gives me another place to post things and test what people will click on and another place to brand yourself and meet others.

If you are like me this is like throwing your change in a jar and forget about it – you might be surprised how much that change adds up.  So head on over, add me as a friend and start earning now.  If you want more info about- skype me @ nancyradlinger.

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  1. That’s really interesting. Never heard of RedGage before. Thanks for pointing it out. I will have a look. Another place to most original content, get maybe backlinks, views and maybe even a following – and learn from others. THank you Nancy.

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