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Well, I have about stood all that I can without speaking out about some things that have been bothering me and is really annoying and think that many need to learn good manners etiquette online.

Over the years, I really don’t know where people manners have disappeared to and where they learned them as this has just been crazy and some really are just plain rude – so here goes lololol

The BIGGEST one is what don’t you understand about sites being a SOCIAL site.  It’s sad to say but you are just pushing people away from you and if you are trying to earn money online – listen to this – it’s not working.

Over time, I have worked very hard building a list, building a relationship, and yes when I first started I knew everyone on my friends list personally.  Now I will be the first one to admit that as the years have gone and I meet more and more people, it does get hard to chat with everyone as much.

BUT you people have to learn that Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Yuwie, Swom, and the list goes on – are SOCIAL SITES.  They are not advertising sites unless you want to buy some advertising and then put up your site.

The first thing you people have to learn is when you meet someone – it’s Hi, nice to meet you and maybe hope you have a great day, week or weekend.  It’s not Hi, thanks for adding me and here is my miracle product that I want to cram down your throat.  Well I don’t know about you but you know what I do with a HI like that – I remove you, delete you and block you most of the time.  I see this all the time on these social sites.   Naughty, Naughty, Naughty

And for you that are going to tell me I don’t do that I offer the newbie that I meet a free gift like I see in all the auto messages on Twitter – Hi thanks for the add and here is my free gift for you – well it may be free BUT it’s still a freaking link – delete, remove and block

You are never going to build your list or get people to buy anything from you unless you get to know them – SOCIALIZE  with them and talk about them – here is a little tip – the word “I” is the least important word there is when you are first getting to know about someone – when that person is feeling comfortable with you – you know what?????? – they will will ask you well what do you do on here, how long you been online, etc.

ONLY when it gets to that point that you can mention “I” and then don’t go into this long sales pitch right away so that they are sorry they ask you.   A simple I work online helping other to learn about internet marketing and then drop it – take it back to them.  If they ask you how long you been online – then tell them that I have been online for 4, 5, 6 etc. years and love my job and then take it back to them.

You want to know why????? Because people really do like to be heard, they actually do like to share info about themselves if you will only let them – if you show an interest – listen to their fishing story, listen to them talking about their pets, their kids, their grandkids, their hobbies, and most of all what they are having problems with and what type of help that you can give them – THIS IS SOCIALIZING

Now another thing that is very annoying to me and can’t believe that so many grown adults just don’t know what the word “NO” is – when you have someone say NO then respect them and move on don’t keep yapping at them.  You know what that is going to do the next time they see that you are online – they are going to become invisible to avoid you or they just delete you and blocked you.

Speaking of being invisible (as on skype) either means that they are not at their computer, they are working etc. or they don’t want to talk right now.  So just leave them a message and ask them when they have some time could they contact you – you’d like to chat with them.  AND when you see a green light – use some manners and ask the person – do you have a minute? got time for a question?

AND have you forgot what “DO NOT DISTURB” means?????????  Well for all of you that have forgotten and I see this so much on Skype – it means they DO NOT WANT TO BE DISTURBED.  That means – no messages, no chatting and surely no calls – now that is just rude and shame on all of you that don’t respect people enough to give them their privacy when they ask.

Good manners etiquette online is no different than offline – you need to learn to treat people like you would like to be treated – stop and think about what you are doing and what type of example are you setting when you don’t watch your manners.

36 thoughts on “Good Manners Etiquette Online

    • Thanks Beth and I know you and I have chatted about this and how a person has to hide it almost seems because a certain person bothers you with their next best thing the minute they see you online

  1. Great one Nancy

    I think your right. People really do need to buck up and ditch the arrogance and attitude. Rudeness can really determine if you make it in online business or not.

    Your customers,clients are your best friends. Teach them with respect.

    After all they will be paying your bills in the future.
    Craig Caron recently posted..List Building Guide

    • Well I totally agree and people don’t realize that impression they are leaving when they do this either or the wall they are putting up for the rest of us internet marketers

    • Oh I agree Ralph – yes you can understand when a newbie does it but not people that have been online for years – they surely should know better

  2. Thanks Nancy….someone had to say it. I am so tired of people saying “I think my product could change your life.” BlaBlaBla…. I’m going to share this post. I hope everyone reads it.

    • you are welcome Steph and yes it really does get tiring and actually makes me feel sorry for the newbies that come online to get hit with all this and then that creates a snowball effect – they see others doing it and thinks it’s ok to do then – thanks for sharing 🙂

    • So do I Paul – sure would make their life much easier – not saying that I have all the answers but would at least get some on the right path

  3. I really enjoyed this post Nancy…sad to say that some folks are like that offline too..I realize that it is key to be excited about your product or opportunity that you are a part of, and that excitement is contagious. Having said that “spamming is spamming” !!
    Cindy Eide recently posted..Shell Sounds…

  4. Hi there Nancy, great post as normal. I am sure like most of us I have been there done that and got the tee shirt as we say. But I hope that I am not like that anymore. Well enough said…

    Kevan recently posted..Soon be time

  5. Right on Nancy! We’re glad you brought it to light as well. Rude manners are a huge turnoff. Others need to realize that people join people, not businesses. In addition to that, others on your team are going to be duplicating what you’re doing, so if you’re being obnoxious then they think it’s what they’re supposed to do which absolutely positively doesn’t work. Develop relationships in a natural manner, take action, and teach others to do the same. Keep it simple and respectful! Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom Nancy. Keep it coming!

    • Thanks and I agree with you totally – people repeat what they see or taught – and if some would start setting the right example maybe we could turn things around

    • Oh I know what you mean Ellen as we both have discussed the same problem so many times and hopefully the people that are doing all this will read this – keeping fingers crossed anyway

    • Thanks Tammie and am hoping also as if we are going to make a change in this world – it starts with one person and hopefully others following

  6. Thanks for another really great post Nancy – and one that really needed posting. Spam has become a huge clutter and waste of time in all of our lives, in its many and ever increasing forms..

    The ones I hate the most are the spam comments on my blog. The comment section is for people who read my post and have something intelligent to say, not for automated programs crawling the web for blogs and leaving jibberish comments with 10 or more links, or those ones that sound so nice but don’t relate to the post at all. GIVE ME A BREAK! I have deleted over 500 spam comments in less than 6 months. Thank God for the Askimet plug in – at least the spam gets filtered some.
    Lynn Rios recently posted..The Christmas Prayer Wall on facebook

  7. Great Post, Nancy. Sad but true even seasoned marketers who know that it is relationships that build your business, are not immune to still falling into this same trap.

    Donna Meyer
    Donna Meyer recently posted..Attitude

  8. Thanks Nancy for posting this.

    This is part of the reason why I have been hesitant to even set up a Skype account…it just seems too invasive. I can ignore/delete spam in my email, but I just never really liked the idea of people “knowing” when I’m on the computer and feel they can send messages. This happened a lot on Yahoo Messenger, and that’s why I no longer use it.

    • Oh, I love Skype and would never be without it – it’s alot better than any of the other IM out there as there is so much more that you can do with it. You don’t have to show that you are online – you can be invisible – unlike facebook where everyone knows when you are there. If someone becomes a problem, you can always block and delete them – I really love all the features and use it constantly – chat with others from all over the world.

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