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Now I know you are wondering why in the world would a person chat about this – well there are many reason and after chatting with a friend last nite – thought investing in your business should be discussed.

I run into so many people online that do not see what they are doing as a business and don’t treat it that way. Most feel that I have a website and it’s hosted – so will set back and wait for the traffic. Now come on – would you do that with an offline business????? – would you rent a building and fill it up with inventory and just set back and wait for people to walk in the door???????

No, first of all the first thing you should have done was had a business plan. You need to have a niche – either online or offline. Did you do your research ahead of time or just jump on the bandwagon of a niche you heard someone else say might be good?

The other thing that I see that is a downfall of why people don’t make it is they don’t get the training or the know how of their niche. Let me ask you would you open up a beauty or barber shop and not know how to even cut hair. Well there are many online that are doing that and they wonder why they are not making any money.

The other thing is investing in your business is do you open a store and don’t get a phone, don’t buy any inventory, don’t promote??? How long do you think that you are going to be in business if you don’t invest some money.

This goes for online business also – you have to have a site, you have to have the sites hosted and you need a way to communicate with your member or clients. Well, I have seen many stop with that and then wonder why they still are not making it. You have to promote – now let me ask you if in your offline store – you just relied on free advertising – how long do you think you would be able to keep the doors open – examples – handing out fliers, putting up posters, trying to tell all your friends etc. Not very long as your lead and prospect list would die out pretty soon.

Well online is no different, if you rely just on all the free ways of promoting – your lead or prospect list is going to die out also. This is one of the time that investing in your business is necessary to stay alive. Why do you think 97% of the people online fail??????

My friend and I were talking the other day and in the conversation we both agreed that it’s a shame that people can not take their business serious online enough to invest $10.00. Now I will be the first one that will tell you that yes you can loose money but that is a chance that you take with any business.

The key here is if you have done your homework – you would have had all this laid out in your business plan – your niche, your targeted people, where to find them, and the cost to find them. So I ask you – if you are one of those that did not do these things – then STOP right now before you become part of the 97% and start investing in your business.

Investing in your business don’t just require money, it requires YOUR TIME – are you willing to put in the necessary time to grow your business. If you are one that keeps making excuses why you didn’t get this done or that done, you don’t know how to do this or that and you don’t know what your niche is or where your targeted people are – then you should just go play some games on Pogo and stop wasting your time.

I know these are things that people don’t like hearing BUT if you are going to be part of the 3% then you need to listen and take action NOW.

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  1. Hi Nancy,

    Awesome post and you are 100% correct if you don’t invest in your business you are setting yourself up for failure. That is one of the things I have learned from you and other from Family Networker, you have to be will to invest time and money in your business or you might as well shutdown the business.

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    Jon recently posted..Be the go to guy or gal

    • I agree Jon and I have seen the difference in you and where you are headed since your mind-set has changed – keep up the great work

  2. Great post Nancy.

    There are a number of ‘obstacles’ that especially people who work from home encounter, and they both come back to approaching your online business as just that ‘a business’. Too often people perceive those who work from home as having a ‘little hobby’, and too often those running these businesses fall into that trap as well.

    I think you need to be disciplined to not only treat training and tools as ‘investments’ rather than expenses, but to also value your time. Even though you are at home, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are ‘available’ to everyone.

    Getting into the business mindset is really important, but also training others to understand that what you do at home is your business (that sounded weird!). You need to be able to devote quality time to it, not just what’s left at the end of the day!
    Kerry Finch recently posted..Powerful Press Releases

    • Oh I agree Kerry and so many times all this is a hobby for them – if they would just get their mind set right – that it’s their business – things would turn around for them.

    • Oh I hear that all the time Holly and I have even heard some say that they only spend and hour or two once a week – now what job could put in those hours and be successful

  3. Nancy, This is a real good post. It pretty much states it just like it is. You know people don’t realize working from home is the same as a job. I mean when you go and get a job in this day in age you don’t really know how long you will be there. By working from home you are investing in yourself and your future. So, for $10.00 why not? You still have a boss and that boss is you. It takes a great deal of self discipline, persistence and energy to work from home. The pay off can be big. It takes a lot of hard work, time and patience to make it work. Nothing happens over night that has success attached to it. I mean did you become a trainer, coach, mentor, project manager or CEO of a company with out your ups and downs? Why should this be any different? Very well put together article.
    Kay recently posted..Kids Gift Baskets

    • Thanks Kay and so true – maybe working from home is why they don’t take it serious BUT neverless is why we should take it serious even more

  4. HI Nsncy,

    You are so right , online businesses must be taken as the same as offline.If you think otherwise you are in for a big fall. You have to take time and invest in time,money and effort. If you believe otherwise, you are not taken your business seriously.\

    thanks again,

    Susie Moore
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    susie moore recently posted..Posture- What is Posture

  5. There you go Nancy great post again and yes agreed we all need to invest. Our site and all the friends we are making in it are a great investment also. So it is not always about money. But of course money must be invested as well.

    Kevan recently posted..Blog Content

    • Yes Kevan – building relationships with others is a great key in any business – remember word of mouth is your best advertising

  6. Nancy, this is some potent info, and a fabulous wake-up call to many, about the nature of business. We live in a highly capitalistic world, where businesses come and go. People are daunted by the 3% success rate of Internet Marketers and online business in general. But in reality, what percentage of brick and mortar businesses succeed? I would bet its not much better than 3% either….

    Great job opening our eyes! 🙂

    Skype: GoTravelGo

  7. I have to agree Nancy. I actually didn’t truly start thinking of this online thing as a business until I starting learning how to work it. I truly have Family Networker to thank for that. That includes Craig Caron and you and all of the members there as well. I am one of those that had to have an income and thought that just being online I could do that; not realizing the time and effort and money I would have to be willing to invest in it to make it work. Thank you for sharing this.I truly hope this will help others to see now and not after they quit or it is too late that if they truly want their Business to work they will have to invest. Great Post.
    Tammie Perry recently posted..Family Networker- Instant Stress Relief

  8. Wow Nancy….

    You’ve done it again…

    I have to agree with everything. I been in this gig a few years. I love helping people if they want to help them self. This is a common scenario, have been a few years.

    “A person come to me and ask, how can I make money online? -Me You have to grab hosting, autoresponder and at least free tracking. -You mean I have to pay to make money? -Yes If you want any results and have your own business. Ok I don’t have any money.”

    If I feel I know the person enough or I feel I can ask… I ask what they do, live some habits…
    more then 9/10 have more stuff then me a lot more. In the Garage, spend money on smoking, have a
    big garage full of stuff worse 10 years investments in a decent online business…

    My Advice now days… to a person in a developed country in general. 1. Stop smoking (this is enough to invest a lot of money in your business) 2. Sell stuff you don’t need… Maybe 1 of your 4 Tv’s is enough. Buy 1 bottle less whine is hosting right there…

    My conclusion at the end of the day… It’s about Treating Your Business as a Business. Take some risks with your money… I mean hey, what is more scary risk your lungs or some $’s …

    “Spend money on things that build your future instead of spending them on stuff that will destroy it!”

    Smoking is only 1 easy example, there are tons of stuff we spend money on. We don’t even think about it… Why complain…
    “I can’t afford to heat up my house during winter… when you have all windows open?”
    Why spend all time on free stuff when that cost you your life (time)?

    Yes, this is my soap box. I’ve been in Africa… I have been in Asia, Europe, USA … Middle East. I have seen what poor is… This isn’t for ppl who make $1/day … sadly… There are still hope, fiverr or other places can be good if you really have 0 chance of saving any money or money to invest.

    You might have or can learn a skill and want to trade time for money… Invest what you make in your Business… Start treat your business as your Business and you will get a life and a Business that grows… maybe not in a week/month but sooner then later if you Invest in it!

    /Be a Lead Magnet
    Stefan Berg recently posted..Life Took a Turn…and I became an Internet Marketer

  9. Spot on Nancy!
    Most is said already…All who commented on this blog proved to be in the 3 percent who understand Marketing!
    Our Mindset can sometimes be our biggest enemy- If we don´t believe in ourself no one else will either!
    Great Friend of yours…lol… chatting – discussion – sharing – is what networking is all about 😉
    Never Give Up!

    Catarina Berg recently posted..VILSE I INTERNET DJUNGELN…

  10. Great post Nancy. I am one of those
    unemployeed newbies. That thought if I invested all my time and desires for my goals. Thinking that all the hours I put in each day would make up for not being able to spend money on my online business. I see now, this is not so. And that many of us can learn from this post. I am so glad to have a great like Nancy for introducing me to Family Networker.

    • Thanks Gloria – I know when I first started online – I didn’t think about this as a business and was wondering why everything I was doing was not working – when I started treating it as a business then I could see my business grow – was it easy no – was it alot of hours yes – would I do it all over again yes – I love working online and when you understand that this is a business and treat it like that you will start to see results also.

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