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You know it really get crazy at all the spam comments that come thru someone’s blog and I just wanted to refresh everyone’s memory about how disappointing they can be sometimes.

As stated in another post, you really have to watch what is coming thru in your spam and when you see things like this for an example – you know they are spam. It is pleasant right here. nice research. I\\\’ve been looked the info for a while. thanks and here is the link – now this is some of what to watch for
Another – thank you for posting this one is very interesting and the link is
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To read more of that post, follow this link Spam Comments – What To Watch For

What I wanted to also show you is how it can happen on any site that you write on. I had this happened to me on Apsense and was so disappointed that I wrote a post about it and wanted to share. I found the comments very interesting – take a look here Shame, Shame, Shame – Need to Vent

12 thoughts on “Spam Comments

  1. Hi Nancy,

    you are so right , its downright frustrating and irritating getting those spam remarks, merely to get a backlink.

    Maybe if those individuals would take a moment and actually read the content they would find it much more worthwhile and beneficial to their success then spamming everyone.

    susie moore
    skype smsforc
    susie moore recently posted..Posture- What is Posture

    • I agree Susie – it seems they thing we are doing this for fun – I take this very serious and try to save others from going thru all the headaches I have learning the hard way on so much

  2. yes you are right Nancy, I guess they dont think this is a very serious business as any online business. They dont realize they are the ones spinning their wheels,wasting not only their time but ours putting up with the nonsense, but if they use their heads and look within the content they find gold nuggetts that would put them on the right path.

    susie moore
    skype smsforce
    susie moore recently posted..Posture- What is Posture

    • Yes I agree and thank God for the spam blockers as some of the comment you get are just crazy – I do have to say that I have to go thru the spam comments before deleting as I have found comments that were not spam in there.

  3. Wow, read this one and the followup on Apsense – I can’t believe the utter ignorance of some people to think that just copying a pasting makes their comment original! Unfortunately there are so many people that live to spam. Congratulations for sharing their names!

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    • Yea I was so disappointed at the time – I thought if they were stupid enough to leave the same comments on 2 separate post then I wasn’t going to hide their names

  4. I do follow your post here and as you know I did write something about this earlier – now days I stop people from comment on my posts after a certain of time – and this have decreased the numbers spam comments. I know what you think now, however It is the way I do it – I let people have a certain time to comment and then I just close the comment button.

    Anette Hultman recently posted..Traffic Exchanges – A Paradise For A Marketer.

    • Well that is one way to do it I guess – only thing there is that I have people months later find my post on Google and want them to be able to comment – but it’s a thought. Thanks for the comment.

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