Why People Fail

As most of you know, I joined The Leaders Role and wow what i am learning and the live Skype group is just so awesome.  One of the owners of this great group came in and added this

Kris Hanks: please list one thing that comes to mind that is a CAUSE of Failure in our INDUSTRY?

Well, talking about team work – in about 10 minutes – 28 reasons were given – this was so fun to do and to see all the reasons. Kris then gave the group an assignment – pick 3 out of the 28 and write a blog or article.

I have gone thru the list and have picked 3 that I myself can relate with  I first started online.

My first one was FEAR – Being a newbie to the net, you hear all kinds of stories and the bad experiences that people have had. I was so scared that I was going to hit the wrong button and wipe out everything on my computer – I think about this now and laugh to myself at all the times that I have hit the wrong button and have deleted what I just wrote – but you know what all those oops taught me – save, save, save.

The other fear I had was using my name and my picture. Well big mistake, think about it – wouldn’t you rather do business with someone you can see and learn to trust, someone you know that is a real person and not someone with a name like lollipoplillie that has a picture of a peacock for their pic. I don’t know about you but the first thing that came to my mind was –  wonder who this really is, is it a real person – well that is when the lightbulb finally went on and for the last 3 years – you will see my name – google nancy radlinger sometimes and you will see that I got over being shy. This is called BRANDING and this work people – let people see that you are a real person, don’t be shy.

The 2nd I picked is LACK OF SKILLS  – well if you are like me when I first started – this was all GREEK to me – google, yahoo, email, URL, .jpg file, HTML, keywords, meta tags,  and the list goes on and on. Well, like alot of people that I have met are in the same boat – what does a person do – well google has become one of my best friends – if I have a question, get stuck – just google it – you will be surprised how many others had the same issues and you can find your answers. As you start learning your way around the net and social sites – more and more opportuntities (seminars, webinars, ebooks)  will pop up if you just keep searching. I have been so blessed with all the people that I have met on here and have friends all over the world.  I have learned mostly alot by trial and error (and I mean alot lol) – but lessons came out of each one of them. If you are suffering from the lack of skills like I did then find a group that are willing to help you gain the skills you need, give you the support your need and be a friend when you need one. The Leaders Role (wink, wink)

My 3rd one that I picked was MIND SET/Staying Positive.
This one was very hard for me as I just came out of a 25 year marriage and a negative-attitude based family. I do believe  in the power of the Law of Attraction – negative attracts negative and positive attracts positive. So after my divorce, I had a decision to make either I was going to stop being negative – oh poor me, everything happens to me, you know the type. Well, I decided that I had been given a chance to turn things around and I chose to learn to stay positive, positive, positive.  I have been so blessed over the last years and now I know that I am going to have my dreams come true – it’s not the If this happens, my dreams will come true NOW it’s when this happens, my dreams will come true. Yes, I do have bad days but you know I can always find a positive – you just have to look.  Believe in yourself.

Success lies not in being the best, but in doing your best!

“There’s a difference between interest and commitment.
When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstance permit.
When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.”
Art Turock

14 thoughts on “Why People Fail

  1. Very nice Nancy, very well put. All off us have these same fears starting out. Everybody on-line is looking for the magic key to making money on line. Here you gave it to people in one word “Commitment”. Do everything you do to the best of your abilities, while keeping your mind open to learn. There are many paths to making money and having a nice site or blog, you just need to commit yourself and know that you can make it happen. You are the key to your success, believe in yourself and it will happen.
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  2. Another great post Nancy! Your ability to learn and your desire to succeed will always separate you. Like they say: The cream always rises to the top! If you have that burning desire and are surrounded with like minded people that care about you success then is just a matter of time.

  3. This is wonderful Nancy. It’s very insightful and informative. You have gained a lot of knowledge and experience on you internet journey, and you give that all back to others. I know, because I am one of benefactors of your giving. You are a Blessing!

  4. Nancy…What a Great Post….You have done a very good jib at capturing the reasons people fail. From fear to lack of skills to wrong mindset…& more…Vety educational…Thank you…..Estella

  5. Hi Nancy,

    Great article! As you know. I have had smoke coming outta the back of my puter many times and had to put the fire out myself! I have found that if you just roll up your sleeves and get in there, you can fix about anything if you just try.

    A person can come up with just about any excuse to not try and subsequently fail. That way they don’t have to blame themselves. My advice, look in the mirror…if you don’t like what you see, change it. You don’t like your address…move…you’re not a tree!

    If people will just go to work on the net, and work as hard as they do on their jobs, they will find success!

  6. HI Nancy,

    Great Blog and wonderful topic! Thanks for letting me know about it! Fear, Lack of Sales and Mind Set… that is what we all go thru isn’t it! Like you, all of this was so new and different and as soon as new stuff comes along I have to learn all over again. Maybe that’s why it’s so rewarding personally because we’re always learning as we go along!

    have a great Today

  7. Nancy very,very great job and we all can relate to everything you said!
    I am very glad you picked the 3 that you did..
    This will give all newbies inspiration so they know it is a normal feeling



  8. Wow Nancy, hit the nail on the head. I can certainly relate to this 100 percent. Thanks so much for sharing 3 of these with everyone. It will certainly encourage others that are experiencing the same thing as newbies.

    thanks again

    susie moore
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