When plan A don’t work, go to plan B

Funny how things use to upset me when plan A didn’t work but I have learned that it’s not worth getting upset – just go to plan B and move on (and sometimes I have to go to plan C, D and E lolol) – just don’t give up that is the key.

Many know that I own/operate traffic exchanges, text ad exchanges and PTC – well the main URL for the Infinity Downline caused a framebreak on my sites – so members were not getting to view my page – so thus plan B.

Tonight, I solved this problem and you know how something positive comes out of something bad – well here it is – as I was desiging a splash page that would not cause a framebreak on my sites, I wound up making a page that will continue to help me brand myself and be different that the main URL – my good out of the bad – woohoo

Here is what I wound up making and it works great.

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