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This is another source of advertising that I use to promote me and my products.  What is a Text Ad Exchange????? Well here is my definition – it is responsive advertising sent directly to members to be seen at their convenience plus much more and I’ll try and explain more in this blog.

When I first started I had no clue what the difference between a traffic exchange and a text ad exchange.  A traffic exchange is where you look at mine and I look at yours – well a text ad exchange is little different. 

On text ad exchanges, you have a variety of options to get your promotion seen and with the upgrades on some scripts – you can even make money with them.  You look at others advertising in exchange for credits and then you trade the credits for your advertising.

The first thing about text ad exchanges is that you join and most of the time the site offers you some FREE advertising to help get you started.  There is usually a code on the front page of these sites – after you login – you click on  advertising – that will take you to a page that you insert the code and the site automatically adds the Free advertising.

Oh I’m sure you are wondering what and how is this really going to help me.  The first think I’d like to talk about are solo ads – not sure what they are – well I read a zillion of these ads and I’ll explain them and then give you a little tip.

Solo ads describe what you are promoting – they are the lead page – this is what they see before visiting your site.   See when people subscribe to a site, they agree to receive these solo ads in their email.  (Most sites only send out 3-10 a day, depending on the site) What happens is that you get a solo from a certain site, open it, read it for required amount of time and then get credits for doing so – each site is different with the amount of credits.  You can then trade these credits for your advertising needs.  Now here is the tip I have learned…….(I read zillions of these lololol) make it short as you only have a few seconds to get their attention –  the shorter the better – People DO NOT have time to read a big long page of info.

Here is an example of one that I use.

Enjoy Text Ad sites – try these – join one or any of these sites – go to advertising and put in this promo code – promo1000 – FREE ADVERTISING to get you started.

 DO NOT add your URL’s to  the message – there is a place at  the bottom of where you write your solo to add it and for the ones that don’t know what I mean by a URL – ie.   http://www.northerntraffic.net/images/mytext.htm   So when you  click on the link from the site to receive – you will have to view the site for the required amount of time and then the credits are automatically added to your account.

Now I have another tip for you – when you join text ad exchanges – most require a gmail account and that is wonderful because what I do is I create a filter for each account(http://nancyradlinger.ning.com/profiles/blogs/how-would-you-like-to-organize) .  I name these folders by site name and what this does for me is that when I go to gmail – all the solos from these sites are sorted and I just click on the site, read all the solos from that site and then move on – this keeps my regular email box nice and clean.

Now, I’m just going to mention as few of the other things that are available on these as the benefits are numerous and I could be here all day boring you and I know I have a tendency to get long winded.  So here goes – you can add your regualar banner (468×60) to be viewed thru out the site.  Then there are button ads and that is simple a 125×125 banner – you earn credits for clicking on them also.

There are text ads and  hot links and then are mainly a short link for people to read before they visit your site.  Some sites are even offering PTC links – this has just recently been added – another was to earn cash.

Login ads are the ads that you see when you first signin – most sites now have a timer that you have to wait for before you can move on – so this is a great place to get seen.

Footer ads are ads placed at the bottom of solos and they are randomly pick by the script and added – another great tool.

There is also HTML ads and you are allowed to post and X amount (depending on the site) per day – so what I do is that I go and create all my ads and save them on the site (each site has an amount that you can save) and then once they are set up – you just go in daily – and post your ads – only takes seconds.

There are many, many, many more features that these sites offers – just join and try them out.  And one thing I want to mention is that NO your email is not going to get over-run with solo ads as 99% of the sites only send 3-10 a day – and that is very workable everyone – so get out there and give them a try.

Remember, if at anytime you have questions, need help or just want to chat – either leave me a comment or skype me @ nancyradlinger.

7 thoughts on “Text Ad Exchanges

  1. Very well written. As someone who owns Traffic Exchanges and uses Text Ads site quite often, I find this article very, very informative to others who need to understand: 1 – Their Purpose and 2 – How To Use Them.

    Way To Go!


  2. A good short review of what a Text Ad Exchanges is and how it works.
    Thank YOU Nancy, many of us online need good short reveiws in this
    fast working enviroment online work is.

  3. Well said Nancy. Some very good tips. You now need to write an e-book. I can make you a cover and sales page for it…

    It is always helpful to know what to expect from various sites before you join. This post helps everyone.


  4. A great article Nancy, Text Ad Exchanges are often overlooked because people do not understand how they work. After reading this they should see that they are a very good source for advertising.

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