Trojans can slip in even with the best anti-preventions

While working on the computer tonight – all of a sudden my computer kept popping up these warning messages and I just wanted to let everyone know about them and how to fix them if this ever happens to you.

Ever heard of Lsas.Blaster.Keyloger?

Lsas.Blaster.Keyloger is fake alert which is secretly installed by trojan. It is a part of rogue application. A rogue software application
designed to trick users into buying a fake product by using scare
tactics. It will bombard you with pop ups in
order to try and scam you out of money. This infection can come into
after fake video codec installation that usually comes with malware.

To read more about it and see what it looks like – I found these two great links and the other one is with these two links you will see what the warning looks like and how what you can do to get things back to normal.

Now I want to tell you some things that I also feel is important to have on your computer and I really think that because I had them it made my life easier. I would recommend that everyone get these downloaded and use them for your maintenance.

1. Good Anti-virus (I use Avast) but was told about another one tonight called Panda Cloud (Thanks Dave) All Free.
2. Crap Cleaner and it does just that – cleans the crap This is a free download – so no excuse to not to have it.
3. Malwarebytes – I had a programmer recommend this years ago and this is what found and got rid of my nightmare tonight Also FREE.
4. Ad-aware – also another FREE download and when scanning tonight it found one also
5. Spybot – Another FREE one that is great to have and here is the link

Most of you know I practically live on this computer and I use all of these programs and am guessing that this trojan came in as an attachment on an email. So no matter how safe you try to be, it does happen. I highly recommend that you get all of these downloaded and use them – scanning with each does not take long and will save you alot of headaches.

AND one little tip I have found out – if your computer starts doing strange things and you are thinking to yourself wonder why it did that? I stop right then and run Crap Cleaner – most of the time cleaning your cookies and temp internet files will clear things up for you – I clean my crap 3-4 times a day lololol

Well good luck everyone and hope that this save all of you some headaches in the future.

Oh, one more thing – this trojan blocked all these programs on me and could not run any of them – so had to shut the computer down and run them in the safe mode and for you that have no clue how to do that – you turn off your computer, start it back up, and click on F8 right away and keep clicking and then you will see where you can open in the SAFE mode – just in case you forgot or in a panic state like I was lolololol and then couldn’t remember lolololol

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