Why Google Search Should Be Your Best Friend

It’s really interesting how many times I run into people over and over again with all these questions and they are so stumped and don’t know where to find the answers.  Let me ask you something……….

What is the html code for adding a space between two pictures?

What is the definition of quadrangular?

Where are the top ski resorts?

How do you fix a syntax error?

Ok, by now you are wondering what is this crazy lady talking about and I have no idea the answers to all these questions.  There is ONE thing that they all have in common……...Google Search.

I have learned over the years that Google Search should be your best friend.  Let me tell you when I first started online – I thought that you could only type in A WORD – YEA – I SAID ONE WORD.   Oh this is so funny now that I think about it.

The other day someone asked me did I have the html code for adding a picture to their blog – so just out of curiosity I asked did she look for it on google and her answer was no didn’t know you could.

Then I was chatting with another friend and they were looking for a topic to write about and just felt that she was brain-dead as she couldn’t think of anything.  So our of curiosity again, I asked her had she tried Google Search – she goes for a Blog Post?????? You are kidding.

Well actually I wasn’t and I’ll tell you why.  I also draw a mental blank sometimes when I feel I need to get a post out on my blog – and because my passion is helping others – I just go to Google Search and type in help others and then I scan thru what comes up and this gets the juices flowing – positive attitude………how helping others can reduce stress…….increase your happiness by helping others………and the list goes on.

Another thing is when I get an error message – I just copy and paste that error message in Google Search and guess what………..I was NOT the only one with that question – that is how I squeak by with my unknown error messages.    Oops, let the cat out of the bag on that one that is call a GOLD Nugget by the way lolololol

What I have found over the years is don’t just put in one word – type in multiple words and phrases, the same way you do with your  keyword search phrases , or even type in your question – just like you was asking someone.

So the reason that I’m sharing all this is  I had a mentor tell me once – Nancy each time you learn something NEW that puts you being able to answer more questions for others and what will that do for you – that will help you brand yourself, show others that you are an expert.  Now don’t laugh at the word expert and it being used with yourself.  STOP and think – you may not know alot yet – but you do know more than the person that just started today, the one that will start tomorrow and just think how much more YOU will know than the person starting in a week, month, year from now.

These tips you will be able to share with someone someday – and I know this will happen IF you make Google Search YOUR BEST FRIEND.

20 thoughts on “Why Google Search Should Be Your Best Friend

  1. Hi there Nancy,
    See I was just at one blog post and now I see another.
    You see I was right once again. Great content very useful.


  2. When I was in school and studied, we did search for stuff in different search tools…Altavista was one, do not know if it still is around. Anyway, what we learned then was that we had to use “….” in order to actually get the right answere for what we did searched for. The Technology however have made it easier and type a hole sentence can give you the right stuff you are looking for. And Google search is one of the best as you get different sites to read. /Anette skype id: anette.hultman

    • Well Anette – I will date myself but when I was in school – we went to the library and dug thru books for our answers – we are so blessed to have so much info at our fingertips

  3. Nancy, as always you have such great information. I too was amazed how adding more than one word or even a complete phrase made the differnce in searching for the answers in Google. You are so right about getting ideas from there also. Girl, you have got it going on. Thank you so much for the helpful information you so freely share with us.

    • Thanks Tammie – I have been blessed with my experiences online and just want to share with others – if I can save ONE person from struggling like I have with my learning experience then all of this is so worth it 🙂

    • Thanks and yes have seen your growth and am glad to have shared this with you and still am looking forward to us being on that beach someday 🙂

  4. Who would have ever thought the name Google would be your best friend to search for something you need to know. I tell you this Nancy gal is one smart cookie! Thanks Nancy for all the help you give us.

    • Who would have ever thought another example of using Google Search would come up so quick – thanks for giving me an addition to my blog post tonight by wondering how to set up a fund raiser online

  5. Hi Nancy!
    Great article – thanks for sharing!
    Y Google is a living tool that we can and should Use A LOT!
    Took me sometime to learn that too 😉 Actually if we use google and search for keywords and so on you could say that we are developing google! Because Google are “following” (I don´t mean spy…)and change itself after its users! If You know what I mean… cool isn´t it?

    Being an expert is giving Value – and thats just what you did!
    Thanks again and Take care!
    Catarina Berg

    • Thanks Catarina – I really don’t know why I waited so long to get started using Google – it sure has been a great tool from me – thanks for stopping by again

  6. Great article, Nancy.

    I tell others all the time, we don’t know what we don’t know.

    When I owned my computer business, I wish the internet had been then what it is today. Could have saved me a ton of calls to tech departments who only had a manual and script to follow.

    When people ask “What do I search for?” I simply tell them… ask the question. “How do I …”, “What is …” It’s a great start.

    Thanks Nancy for sharing your knowledge with the world.

    • Thanks Jennifer – you are so right – I really wish I had this many years ago – would have made it so easier to run my offline business – we have been so blessed with this avenue – just hope more realize what they have at their finger tips.

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