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Life if just amazing and sure teaches you new things everyday if you will just let it.  I have been hearing all the terrible, terrible stories of all the virus and people are getting on Skype and Facebook.

Well, I have a Networking Group on Skype and today a file folder was put in by one of the members – well after reading and learning all the stories I have been hear – I put in the room DO NO CLICK ON THIS LINK TILL I KNOW THAT SHE REALLY SENT IT.

Well, after checking, she did not send it and it was a simple picture file ending in .bmp.  So I am cautioning everyone DO NOT open any files from anyone till you know for sure they really did send them.

On Screen Keyboard is also called a virtual keyboard.  Virtual keyboards may be used in some cases to reduce the risk of keystroke logging.  A friend of mine recommended that I use this to put in passwords that I wanted to have more security – like my bank accounts, skype and thus the reason for this post.

I did a short how-to video on how to find you On Screen Keyboard and with all the crap going on now adays,  it has been recommended that everyone go to this on screen keyboard and change your password on Skype.

Go to my youtube channel and click on the video named on screen keyboard and get your password changes today. My youtube channel

So the next time that your keyboard gives you a problem at least you will be able to use your computer.

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