How to communicate in another language

I don’t know about you but I have friends all over the world and for the most part they all know English BUT what happens when they don’t.

Well I really discovered this because of communicating with my members on my PTC sites – I would get support mail from them and did not know what they were trying to find out from me. Well, you know me – I’m going to learn to help everyone that I can.

So I headed to my favorite place and found a free translator and wow I can communicate in almost any language now – here is the link and it’s so easy. When you get to the site just copy and paste what you want translated.

Then under that box where you add your text – there are drop down menus – and you will click English in the first one and say Spanish in the second one and then click on the translate button and then copy and paste that in your email.

Here is some examples of Good Morning
Swedish – God Morgon
Russian – Доброе утро
German – Guten Morgen
French – Bonjour
Spanish – Buenos días

See how easy this is – now do you realize what kind of market you have just opened up to be able to communicate with all these other countries.

Ahora vaya y trate esta herramienta maravillosa y vea cuán fácil es de hablar otro idioma.

Gå nu och försök detta underbart verktyg och se hur lätt det är tala ett annat språk.

Maintenant aller et essayer cet outil merveilleux et voit qu’il est facile à parler une autre langue.

Ok, go to the site and translate the above – spanish into english on the first one – swedish to english on the second one and the last one if french to english

Have fun and let me know what you think?

2 thoughts on “How to communicate in another language

  1. Hey, even though I am from sweden and my main talk is swedish…I sometimes tend to forgot a swedish word, but can say it in english. How weired is not that, huh?

    Great post and nice tip./anette

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