Keywords and why they are so important

When I first started , I had no clue what a keyword was even must less how to use them properly. I struggled with them for a long time trying to guess what others would type in when they were trying to find me.

It wasn’t until the classes that I’m taking with The Leaders Rolethat I have learned the importance of the right keywords. So I’m going to tell you some of my experiences so that you can see the difference.

When I first started adding keywords, I made mine so general as I have a website that I sell home and garden decor. Even then I added keywords like gardening, garden decor, home decor, angels, windchimes, gazing globes and wondered why I never got any traffic to my site.

After Jason showed us how in The Leaders Role – wow did my eyes open. I was using keywords that everyone was competing for and this was no way I could ever do that – so who is going to find me if I’m on page 34 out of million pages – just wasn’t going to happen.

So now, being taught the proper way to do keyword research – yea I said research – yea I now I didn’t know that either lolol. I have been able to narrow my target down and went back and changed my keywords and guess what – I’m on the first pages now and the best part is I know that these keywords and keyword phrases are being look for – don’t that sound alot easier????

If you would like to learn what I did, then go to The Leaders Role – tell them that I sent you and get signed up for the next 90-day class – you will not regret this decision.

You want to be taught the right way to make money online or spend years learning tips here and there – then visit The Leaders Role today.

AND you are wondering – wow wonder how much that will cost me?????? It’s free – The Leaders Role are three great guys that have built their empire and now are going to show you how to build your.

4 thoughts on “Keywords and why they are so important

  1. Wonderful, wonderful tool, that keyword. And to use the right once can make a difference, yes it can. In fact, I have a keyword in mind everytime I write a new article. I just forget to put them down in the feild for keywords. So just like you I did so today also, went back to some articles and put down “the” keywords that work. As always a nice and useful post./Anette

  2. Hi there Nancy,
    I am at the Leaders Role site and having a read.
    As once again you have found some great information
    for us to read and use. Heavy stuff for me.
    But I am learning slow but sure..
    Thank you
    skype: kevanbrock

    • that is great Kevan and if you have any questions or want me to introduce you to the owners let me know – the next class will be starting on the 7th

  3. HI Nancy,

    Oh yes, I am in leaders role also. I remember the first class assignment we had to do. I was so new to keywords,that I took all day on that assignment. I apreciate all the insight aht is found on it. Every bit helps to make it easier to accomplish.

    thanks again,
    susie moore
    skype smsforce

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