Japanese Beetle

The Japanese Beetle – Oh those pesty critters and are actually pretty till they have stripped your roses, your trees, etc. and then it’s time to find out how to get rid of them.

Let’s back up and remember where those beetles came from and then we can understand how to get them under control. They are small little grubs that feed on your lawn’s roots in the late fall and early spring. This is the time when you can apply products like Milky Spore.

Now Milky Spore is a little more expensive but let me tell you why it it is the better product to use. The grub eats these spores and as the grub digest this it activates the production of a bacteria that kills the grubs in 7 – 21 days.

The best part of this is that as the grubs decomposes in the soil it produces more spores through-out the soil and the cycle continues killing more of the grubs/beetles in the long run.

I know many of you want instant and they have come up with a product that works and it’s call Beetle Killer and is made by Bonide. So if you have a favorite plant that is getting eaten, this maybe a great alternative for you.

Another would be Insecticidal soap will kill adult Japanese beetles is sprayed directly on the beetle. It does not have any residual effect, meaning that beetles that aren’t sprayed directly won’t be harmed.

The other things that most use are the Japanese beetle traps which contain two chemical attractants: a sex pheromone, and a floral lure. Japanese beetles spend their days feeding in groups and mating, and the two attractants in combination do an effective job of luring beetles in large numbers.

Now I have heard some say that this helps and then also heard that you attract more than the traps catches. So will leave it up to you – these are some choices for you.

3 thoughts on “Japanese Beetle

  1. Thanks for posting this. It was very helpfull. I just got done dealing with these little green and copper critters. They were on one of our large Canna leaves. Thank God I check our garden every day. I was able to wipe them out. I used a container with dish soap to wipe them out. It was splish splash and they were taking a bath.

    Thanks again

    John Baron

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