Spam comments – what to watch for

I don’t know about you but I can’t believe what some will do to get their link noticed. Thank God a friend of mine told me about Akismet and if you don’t have it on your blog – then go to plugins and activate it. This filters the spam comments out – but before you delete all them go thru them as I have seen some comments that are not spam in there.

If you are just starting a blog, this is the best time to add this as I have heard it get tricking adding it after your blog has been going for a while. I remember when I first started and was so excited when I started to getting comments – I was thinking yea someone is reading what I wrote. This is every bloggers dream – to have someone read their blog and comment

But then it didn’t take me long to spot some of the spam comments that you will get and I’m going to use some example from my blog to show you what to watch for.

These are all spam comments – It is pleasant right here. nice research. I\\\’ve been looked the info for a while. thanks and here is the link – now this is what to watch for
Another – thank you for posting this one is very interesting and the link is
Good collection of work & excellent site! – link is
hey friend… i think your site is very interisting for me….. your site give me some important information.. thanks a lot! link is

And the list goes on and on – these people are not your friend, not reading your blog post – they are just here to use your blog for backlinks. So don’t be afraid to delete them.

Hope this help you know the difference in a honest comment vs a spam comment. I have created a Bloggers Cafe on Facebook and would love all bloggers to join and add your blog link – here is the link Click here for the Bloggers Cafe

20 thoughts on “Spam comments – what to watch for

  1. Hey Nancy. Great post about spam comments. Your right before deleting the comments check through them as Akismet is a little strong. It may pickup some comments that are from good people and not spammers. Good work. Thanks

  2. Great post Nancy

    I use Askimet also and really helps.

    wp-spam free is also another one i use along with secure WP

    This will stop automatic submissions and stop people from getting access to posting blog posts.


  3. Great information Nancy as always!
    This will help people that do not know about Akismet..
    I also agree to make sure you go through the spam file before deleting as with emails etc some things get thrown into it by mistake

  4. Great info as always Nancy. Most of us had to learn the hard way about that info. I know this post will save people that are just starting out the frustration that we experienced.

  5. Nancy, you are so right. I have Askimet and it is great. I have some comments that you can really tell are so fake. This is some great information. Thank you for posting it.

  6. Hi Nancy!

    Thanks for inviting me back to your Blog…it’s always nice seeing you. 🙂

    Akismet is definitely a staple plugin for sure & it performs quite well, BUT…once in a while a few comical ones will sneak through. I will share the next one, promise!!

    Have a highly inspired day…your tribal friend Steven Suchar

  7. Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for sharing this awesome feature, I saw akismet on my website, I havent paid much attention to it. But now that you shared what its about and how important it can be for you I need to set that feature up. It can be a tremendous tool down the road.

    Thanks alot

    skype smsforce

  8. Thanks Nancy,

    I have been using akismet for a while now – its very handy tool, and yes sometimes I get the odd ‘not sure’ comment through, you think it might be spam but might not

    I did hear of a fun way of dealing with spam comments, when you get themn, instead of just deleting all, keep a few and redirect the links back to sites of your own choosing – eg other posts, sister blogs, etc. It helps your back links and confuses the spammers as their comment is apparently working ROFL


  9. Ah – great information – I be visit your site many times. link is ….. (LOL)

    Just kidding Nancy,

    Great article.

    The spam bots used to hang out on my blog like flies at a picnic. Over the last year I have tested different plugins and as of the last 3 weeks have cut my spam post to perhaps 2 a day instead of 50.

    First thing I implemented was Defensio (the personal version). For me, it has done a much better job than Asikemt.

    Then I started adding some of these ip addresses to the ‘block’ section in WP (think it’s under discussion) in the dashboard. That helped some, but not near enough.

    Next I installed delink comment author, but that did not stop the bots…

    Then I started working with capthca plugins… about 3 weeks ago, I installed SI captcha.. And as I say, the spam has dropped to almost nothing.

    How long it will take bot creators to get past it, I do not know…

    by the way, the best spam comment I ever got was one that said something like “Please help, I am being held by ???? and forced to spam this link … they say they will release me if you go buy something.’

    Best of the day and Holiday to you Ms. Nancy,

    ~Jennifer Fisher
    Jennifer Fisher recently posted..The Most Critical Marketing Principle for Network Marketing

    • Oh Jennifer these tips are awesome and thanks for sharing and yes you are right that is the cutest spam I have seen also – Happy Thanksgiving to you also

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