Dealing with Creeping Charlie???????

You know it’s funny how things just happen and you get new ideas to add a blog post about. We had our garden club meeting tonight and the place we were touring was just awesome but as we were having our tour – she was asking how to get rid of creeping charlie.

While discussing, it was said that it’s not a weed because that the weed killer that one had bought didn’t work – well here is how you can get rid of your creeping charlie.

The key here with creeping charlie is the timing of applying the weed control. Most people spray it at the wrong time or either don’t use a sticker as the leaves are waxy and the weed control has to stay on the plant and soak in to kill it.

The BEST time to apply weed control is after the first frost and I’ll tell you why. In the fall, after the first frost, plants start thinking wow WINTER is coming and we have to eat all we can to survive as most store food in their root system. They still take in nutrients until the ground freezes but after the first frost if the best.

If you have a patch of creeping charlie, spray it with a Trimec product as over the years have found to give the best results. This is the ingredients that you want to look for on the label – Isooctyl, 2,4-dichlorophenoxy and Dicamba.

Now if you spray at this time, you will get a better kill rate with the product that you are using. The next best time to spray is during the Spring when they are blooming. Again this is when the plant is taking in what they can to produce that flower and therefore will soak in the weed killer better at this time.

So you see, creeping charlie can be killed and don’t blame the product – it’s all in the timing.

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