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Well, going to put my other hat on tonight and speak to you as a site owner and explain what are bounced emails.  Bounced emails are sent out and for many reasons are undeliverable and sent back to the sender with a reason why.   As I have spent hours cleaning up some again, I thought I’d take the time and give you my two cent on this.

The first thing is that when I get back bounced emails and I can see it’s just a typing error – that I can understand because we all at one time or the other do that.  But the one that surprises me is all the messages I get back saying that the email does not exist – this is so confusing to me.

Why would a person use an email that is bogus and then not expect to get deleted from the site – what is their reasoning – unless they think that the site owner don’t have anything to do and trying to give us some work hehehehehe   Well, that is not the case and just wanted to make people aware of why this is not a good thing to be doing.

Remember, I told you I was wearing my site owner hat right now – and instead of being able to promote my sites like I should be able to – to make sure that my other members get traffic to their sites – I have to spend these wasted hours going thru bounced emails because someone thought it would be cute to use a bogus email.

Another thing that I don’t understand is why did you join the site to begin with – you want others to see your sites – well wouldn’t you rather I be spending the time to promote the site so that your someone gets to see what you have.  The next time that you want to put in a bogus email – think about it for a minute – by doing this is my site  really going to get the traffic it deserves if the site owner is busy going thru bounced emails.

Now here’s the funny part – most of these bogus emails are on my Text Ad Exchanges.  For all of you that don’t know what they are – Text Ad Exchanges are websites that you can view someone else’s  site in exchange for credits – then you trade those credits to show your sites.  One of the many forms are solo ads and that is where you get to email to the sites members and for them opening your email – you get credits.

Ok now the laugh or should I say the sad part – you sign up with a bogus email which is telling me you don’t want to see others emails BUT yet you want them to see yours – this is the craziest thing I have ever heard and pretty selfish on your part.  Well not on my site – I get a bounced email and you are out – I have no patience with this type of behavior.

My members deserve more respect than that and shame on all of you that are reading this and guilty of joining sites with a bogus email.  Well didn’t realize that this was going to be such a rant when I started but guess I got my dander worked up again thinking about it lolololol  

Here’s one more of the messages that I get which I think is so funny as most of you must have left the country when I get this one – as you all know I get a zillion of emails with all the sites I have – but it says this –    The email account that you tried to reach is over quota – another one that will get you deleted – come on people take this serious – this is your business and then you wonder WHY you don’t get leads, referrals, or ever make any money.

If this is the way that you run your business – then you just put yourself in that 97% of the people that don’t make it and you have NO ONE to blame but YOU.  It’s not the product that your are selling, it’s not the site your are advertising on, it’s not the methods that you are using, and you can keep coming with all the excuses in the world but YOU know what the real reason is.

22 thoughts on “What are Bounced Emails

  1. oh Wow, thanks for speaking out on this subject.

    I totally agree with you also as I am an owner as one. I think its bad practice of anyone conducting business online and pretty much unprofessional as well dishonest to conduct business as given bogus emails. To me anyone doing that sort of practice shows me you are not serious about business nor is someone showing themselves as a trusted person.

    Thanks so much

    Susie Moore
    skype smsforce
    susie moore recently posted..Are You Susceptible to Identity Theft

  2. Thank you Nancy for showing how important it is to use a real email so you can earn the bonuses that come with having your sites seen. Bogus emails show a person to be unprofessional and its no wonder they are cry babies that never make any money just because they thing if they dont use their real email, they wont get bothered….I recommend using double optin as it puts a link in the first email they get and if they do not confirm, they are booted into the trash where they belong….Good job Nancy and thanks
    David ORourke recently posted..List Builder Direct-The Money Is In The List

    • Therapeutic it was as I am hoping that the people that put these bogus emails out there will think twice before they do it again – some times putting your thoughts on paper does help

  3. It’s so sad that others think it’s o.k. to waste time. They’ll never get far in life and it’s a shame. Thank you for sharing this info and for warning us REAL network marketers the things to look out for. Others would get discouraged and give up and we’re just proud of you for having the right mindset to not let such things stop you from moving up the ladder to real success!
    Brian and Felicia White recently posted..The Biggest Misconceptions of Internet Marketing!

    • Yes and I felt all those emotions when writing this – pissed that they would do this and then sad that they would do this and pity that they just put themselves in the 97% that aren’t going to make it

  4. Wow Nancy, you are really worked up about this LOL. As a site owner myself I know exactly where you are coming from. I don’t understand it either. I’ve been asking the same questions as you for ages. I have no answer. I believe this is their way of trying to cheat the system but it’s not working very well. I do wish more people would just be honest and try to do it the RIGHT way for a change.

  5. Hi there Nancy, It seems you have managed to find my soap box. Great post and very true why do they do it. As you say when found they are just deleted.
    Which to me is the best thing to do with it. But yess also agree there is a lot of other things that we could be doing with out having to worry about them.

    Kevan recently posted..Back again at last

  6. Glad that you spoke to this issue Nancy. Quite frankly, I see the bogus email as a sign of disrespect, and I, like you, just refuse to deal with people who are disrespectful to others. My time is far more valuable that that!
    Lynn Rios recently posted..Prevenient Grace

  7. Nancy, good rant. I often wonder why people who supposedly want to market online do the things they do. Like hiding, phony emails, no phone numbers, and no photos. It is so important to Brand Yourself. It is like opening a Store, but keeping the doors locked. Love reading your blog Articles.

    Kathy Clark
    Skype: kathyclark1945

    • Thanks Kathy and you are right how can you ever hope to earn any money if the you hind behind the blinds all the time – people need to see you, get to know you – that’s what it’s all about

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