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You are going to love this little tool and it’s going to save you so much time and is so professional looking and on auto-pilot.  The Google Feedburner Headline Animator has been a God sent for me and I have to thank Greg for getting me there as I had the feedburner set up but didn’t know that all these extras were there to use and all you really had to do was click on activate and add codes – how easy.

Nancy Radlinger

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Now how cool is that – you know I had been doing the same thing on my sites and didn’t know that there was a banner so nice looking that would put it on auto for me – all the time I spent going to all my sites changing the new blog post title – well no more – woooooooooooohoooooooooo Now I have time finding more things to share with everyone lolololol

Now while I was in here and setting up more in the Google Feedburner and I’m going to highlight them quickly (haha) while I am here.  The other one I wanted to show you which could be used in your email signatures or websites also – talking about leaving just a teaser so that people will want to read the rest of your post – this is a way to do it.

How would you like to send your blog subscribers and email when you make a post – well now you can and all you have to do is go to Google Feedburner and make sure that the Email Subscriptions is active and add the code to your site thru a text widget and you are ready to go.

And if you sometimes forget to ping your blog post – then don’t worry – activate ping shot and Google Feedburner give ’em a push with PingShot as most web-based feed reading services will check for updates on their own time.

Ok one more before we leave the Google Feedburner and that is the Socialize. No more worries about keeping your Twitter friends updated when you do a new post now – yep an on auto – just activate Socialize, add your Twitter and go thru the setting on how you want things to show and activate – don’t like the way it looks in the examples at the bottom, then edit – and save.

Well there you go another time saving tool and keeping your blog out there on auto – this is not hard to do and is worth the time to set all this up – just contact me if you have any questions.

13 thoughts on “Google Feedburner Headline Animator

    • Oh I know – like a kid in a candy store – I get so excited when I find new tools that make my life easier and this one sure did.

    • Good thing I don’t delete all my spam comments as this is where I found this one – – yea that the funnel system – WTG

  1. I did find this one when I set up my feed burner account oh so long ago. Duhhh I never thought to tell anyone about it on my blog. I have even posted it on banner exchanges. I can see where it makes a lot of sense when you have multiple blogs to create that cross traffic.
    Lynn Rios recently posted..Prevenient Grace

    • well you did better than me as I have had my feed burner account for long time and just didn’t take the time to look around till now and I’m glad I did

  2. I love Tips, Tricks, Tools, and shortcuts. Anything to make our lives and activities easier. Nancy you always come up with jewels and I plan to stay tuned. Thanks.

    Kathy Clark
    Skype: kathyclark1945

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