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Well a few post back, I was asked how do I manage to get so much done and I’m going to share a few of my tips and tricks that I do that help me with my time.  If you ask me is this time management some will say yes – some will say no – I’m just going to share what works for me.

Do I have time management skills – I would have to say not really – what I do have is a daily and weekly routine that I do that helps me get done what I do get done.  The first thing that I have to tell you is that I did attend a time management workshop once and there were 2 things that stuck with me.

The first was all the time wasted making a to-do list and then trying to decide what you are going to do first.  The second thing was making a pile of needed papers for this to-do list and how much time we take shuffling paper work around.   The same thing can happen online – you have to stay focused on your routines.

Now on a daily basis – this is what I do as most of you know I own traffic exchanges, text ad sites and PTC sites – well the first thing that I do is check all my sites and approve any ads that need to be approved.  Then I answer all my skype messages and there is always many when I finally get online.  There is also some sites that I’m on that I post daily my URL and one of them I had previously wrote about – the LiveLinkCafe.  Next I go to my facebook accounts and I go thru all that has to be done there.

Then to my emails and this is usually where the direction of my day is lead from the emails.  Now I don’t know about you but I can’t stand being behind on emails so I try and get to them all on a daily basis and then I keep up thru out the day by going back and doing them as they come in.  I know it’s just me but I sure sleep better when I finally go to bed knowing that this daily list is done.

Oh a weekly basis it’s a little different – I have one day that I devote to blogs and blogging and what I do is I set down and write 5 – 7 post and then schedule them to come out every 2 – 3 days.  Then I have my Google Alerts set up and I spend my extra time that day – reading others blogs and commenting for my backlinks.

Another day, I devote to NING sites – I will do any updating that needs to be done on them, I also will stop by other members profiles see what they have been up to and touch basis with them, write some blog post, maybe start some discussions and upload a video or pictures.  The key on these site is to make yourself visible and sociable – after you do that on a regular basis – that is when others will start viewing your profile page and how you build those relationships and trust.

One day I will spend writing articles, hub pages, a new rev page at linkedin and other social media like that .  Then another I will spend on te’s all day and get some credits built up – try and meet as many te owners as I can and again build those relationships – when you do – what happens then is that you can work on the barter system with them – and I love doing that.

Then I have what I call cheat sheet (notepad pages) that I have labeled banners codes, link codes and the other one is solos.  Because I have my gmail organized by sites, I can go to any of the list building sites or text ad sites and just copy and paste, copy and paste, copy and paste.  When I need credits, then I go to the folder of the site and click on the ads that are there until I earn enough to do what I need to send out.

Now I don’t forget my videos and I don’t always get them done on a weekly basis but I do try.  The key here is NOT to beat yourself up if you didn’t get something done that was on your list – it will wait till the next day.  I use to do that all the time and you just need to stay focused and there are many things that will come up that you won’t get them all done – life is not this perfect list, perfect daily routine, perfect days or weeks – just don’t stress and learn to go with the flow.

On another day, I like to go the Warriors Forum and that is where I learn so much and believe me you can lose a whole day in there as there is soooooooooooooo much free info in there from people that are doing the same thing that we are and if you have not gotten there yet – then shame on you.  I don’t always comment but I do read, read, read.

Another place I like visiting is Yahoo Answers and what I find there is usually things that I can write about  – and may head over and write a couple post on some of the blogs that I guest write on.  AND then when I just need a break from all this writing, reading, etc. – then I go and play and this is very important – as you do have to have breaks from all this – mentally and physically – mine as you all know is line dancing but if I don’t have that – then I head over to Pogo and play some pool or maybe even bowl a game or two and my other favorite is Mahjong.

Well that kinda give you a look in the life of “me” and my time management.  Hope this helps and remember to eat your frog everyday – click here to see what I’m talking about .

16 thoughts on “Time Management

  1. wow , great post and great insight for all of us . I do admire you as yo useem to be able to do so much and I seem to far behind on everything .; I am trying to get a schedule going to get things done Thanks for an awesome post.

    Susie moore
    skype smsforce

    • You welcome – now what I didn’t tell you is what you do when your computers dies and you have to catch up lolololol

  2. Hi there Nancy, yes wow that sounds like a very busy time. But yes oh so true and you are right it all needs to be done.
    Slow but sure and it will all get done by moving from one thing to the next. Lots of great tips in here thank you very much.

    skype: kevan.brock

    • yes but you know Kevan – when you love what you are doing – you just can’t seem to do enough and if I could work around the clock I think I would lolololol

  3. Great job on this post Nancy, you never seem to amaze me. I am always amazed at how you get all the work done that you do with all the sites you own…..lol
    I finally see how you do it. Just stay up till 5 or 6 in the am…lol

    Great job Nancy!

    • yes I have discovered that the best time to have quiet time is between midnight and 6 AM – I can accomplish so much – if you ever get behind on things you should try it lololol

  4. Once again Nancy, you amaze me.You share without holding back and still you manage to get so much done. Thank you!!!!This is very helpful to me and I am sure to many others. I think this is my weakest area and you have just given me a way to become strong.

    • Ahhhhhhh thanks Tammie and glad that I can help – the key is to stay focused on your goals and dreams and it gets easier each day especially when you start seeing the pieces coming together – it’s like a natural high and that just gives you the ump to keep going 🙂

  5. Thanks Nancy great tips on time management and how you are cleverly optimising and managing your hours, great tips and I like the Google bookmark where I bookmarked this post well done.

    • Thanks Robert – out of all the things that I enjoy the most is keeping up with others and it comes right to my gmail and that has saved me so much time

  6. You’re amazing Nancy! That’s a lot to do, but you do it with ease. That’s what happens when you have a passion for something, it comes across as play more than work. You’re dead on about not beating yourself up for what you didn’t get done, there’s always the next day. Great examples of effective time management. Thanks for sharing!

    • Ah thanks guys – this all goes well until your tower dies and then you have to get back to where you were before that happened – life’s little bumps – don’t you just love them lolololol

  7. wow Nancy, when do take time to sleep…. lol …. Time Management it helped me big time when my kids where little … I have to start doing it again because it does help you get back on track and get things done.

    thanks again,
    skype: agnessaam

    • Well I don’t very much as you have noticed already lol and what makes all this fall apart is when your computer dies lololol

  8. I’ve always wondered how others keep track of their information and it sounds like we do things somewhat alike. Thank you for a great post and you have some ideas I had not thought of so as usual I learned something from it. Thanks for the helpful tips! Take care

    • Thanks and my routine works great until you get behind but then you just tackle one thing at a time till you get it caught up back on schedule

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