Challenges in Life

Well leave it to my partner (Craig Caron) to give me my next post idea.  He was so right in how we face the challenges in life that will either make us  stay where we are (in our comfort zone) OR we will move forward and keep growing.

It’s really funny how we can go thru life and it’s such little things that scare the crap out of ya – yet when you have time to think about it – you really wonder what is it that is causing that fear or what is preventing us from doing what we should be doing.  So I have been thinking about this and here I am going to give you my two cents on this subject.

A person goes thru life and can get in this comfortable state with what they are doing – this can even happen in a marriage – you have been married for so long that you are comfortable with each other but yet you don’t love each other anymore.  The reason I bring that up is I was there done that – it’s like you are going thru life existing and NOT living.  I heard that from my friends after the fact – a person doesn’t even realize it when you are in that situation.

Well this happens thru out a person’s life – you can either stay in your comfort zone OR take that step outside (sometimes needing a nudge – like I got tonight lol).  My example here was that Craig asked me if I would start the webinars for Family Networker – do the introduction and tell what Family Networker is and what we do – well it was something about speaking to everyone in a webinar that brought the ugly head of fear up.

I told him I would have to think about it and his reply back – you need to be a doer and not a thinker.  He also stated that unless you start doing it now you are never going to conquer this and move forward – he was sooooooo right (don’t you just hate it when people make sense lol)  The funny part is that I do this on a daily basis now with so many and don’t know why this was such a big deal – I think it’s that fear of so many listening – like speaking in front of a crowd.

Then, I remembered Oprah today SUZE ORMAN’S INTERVENTION WITH OCTOMOM NADYA SULEMAN – wow that was an eye-opener – but one thing popped out at me when she asked her why she didn’t want to do TV appearances with the kids to help earn money to feed them and her answer was she was afraid at what people would think.  Suze said who cares – they are going to think it anyway and the only goal you have here is to move forward right now and find a way to feed all those kids.

So the bottom line here folks is that there are going to be challenges in life that scare the crap out of you – but unless you conquer those fears that ares holding you back – you are never going to move forward – you are going to have to step out of that comfort zone even when you don’t think you can – how do you know until you try.  The question to ask here is – do I want to be at this same place (in my comfort zone) a year from now or do I want to do what it takes to keep growing and moving forward – it’s up to you.

“Challenges: we all have them. The difference is how we handle our challenges. To have less stress in your life – deal with your challenges!” Catherine Pulsifer

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” Dale Carnegie

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” Henry Ford

“The obstacles you face are… mental barriers which can be broken by adopting a more positive approach.” Clarence Blasier

16 thoughts on “Challenges in Life

    • Oh I know Bruce we all seem to go thru this at one point in our lives – it’s what we decide to do with it that will make the difference.

  1. Nancy, thanks for the post, yes it is so true that many of us get into “THAT” comfort zone and stay there. Never being willing to venture out and see what other possibilities and/or opportunities are awaiting us, that allow us to grow and expnd our horizons…Thanks

    • Yep so easy to do Rusty and actually it’s so comfortable that you don’t even realize that you are until someone nudges you sometimes

  2. Hi Nancy,

    Great post as usual, getting out of one’s “comfort zone” is the hardest thing for people to get around. I have learned that for sure and it has worked for me with Internet Marketing, you have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone to succeed.

    Skype me – soonerdad3
    Jon recently posted..Using a free giveaway to build your list

    • Oh I know you have done that – I remember when I first met you – it was hard to get you to speak at all and now look at you – just keep going – you are doing great Jon

  3. Hi there nancy,
    Great post again there Nancy, well done my dear. I think it will let everyone see that where they are others have been and some still are. That is the point is it not. We can all take our pick stay as we are or move forward and face what ever arrives. I hope to be able to move forwar, I sure am going to try as we all know that there is a lot of folks that can help in our great Family networker. So I shall be moving forward out of the comfort zone. So I shall be looking for the venture. Well done great posting. Keep up the good work..

    Kevan recently posted..Welcome to my Blog

    • Thanks Kevan and I can see you going forward and together we all will keep moving forward – sometimes we just need a little nudge – you are doing great job – even with you set-back – WTG

  4. Hey Nancy

    Awesome post. Way to be a Gorilla. I remember when i first did a video and remember how scared i was but when you feel the sweat dripping down your body and you feel the shakiness set in just tell yourself one thing. It takes courage and a serious business owner to get over these fears. It’s your business so what’s more important. Not to do it or to just go ahead and do. Its that simple. Will me doing a webinar prepare me for other goals i have fears about. Absolutely yes
    Craig Caron recently posted..5 internet marketing mistakes

    • Thanks and I also remember my first video – was something about that camera thing also but they do get easier as you go – so got to start that is the key

  5. Comfort zone huh?

    Oh Nancy, you nailed it on this post. After you do this a couple times, you will be much more comfortable. When you really think about it, we nearly all know each other and if we don’t yet, we will. Trust me Nancy, you will look back in a couple weeks and realize there was nothing to be afraid of. It actually becomes a bit of a rush.

    So ya, I encourage everyone to face their fears because it always presents another opportunity and opens doors for you.

    Great post Nancy!
    Roland Leveille recently posted..Is List Building Important To Your Home Business

    • Thanks – I know it’s crazy as you are right that I know most everyone but after many tries I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it – you just have to try

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    • I had a look at your site and liked what I seen and decided to give you the backlink – I think what you are doing is great and keep up the good work – thanks for asking

  7. Another great post Nancy. I wish I would have had all these great tips two years ago. I think I just stayed in that comfort zone until I had the support and training I have gotten from my great “Family” in Family Networker. Thank you again for more of your great tips. YOu and the Family are so greatly appreciated.
    Tammie Perry recently posted..New Year…New Life

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