Strange Places for Helping With Your Keyword Research

You know it’s crazy as you keep working online, you always are thinking about what your next article, post, hub, lens could be about and if you are like me sometimes you get a mental block.

Well, I came across this source by accident that sure can get your juices flowing again – and it happened while dealing with an upset stomach and hours on the throne. lololol

You see before I got so busy working online, I always enjoyed doing word search puzzles and now the only time that I can squeeze them in is when I sitting on the throne – I know laugh but this really works lololol I know this is just one of the strange place for helping with your keyword research.

I’ll give you an example – my latest puzzle was Tennes-See – things you see in Tennessee. Now everyone knows what a beautiful state this is and of course you can start with keywords like  Smoky Mountains, Nashville, Graceland, Grand Ole Opry BUT would if you have dug deeper with words like lookout mountain, national parks, outdoor sports, rugged mountains, camping, colleges, thick forests.

Another strange place for helping with your keyword research – how about floating around on a tube on the lazy river at an indoor waterpark – I know – it sounds crazy – ….the only problem is not letting those darn keywords float on down the river when you get out! hehehe. Well, I just got to experience that recently and here are some that I would never thought of – the more obvious…Family vacation, indoor waterpark BUT – here are some of the ones that I didn’t think about – Hurricane Rides, Lazy River, indoor hot tubs, water park slides.

Well, I don’t know about you but sometimes when I’m doing keyword research I find myself typing in the most obvious ones and then being discouraged when the numbers are too high – guess the bottom line here is you have to take it to the next level – dig deeper and you will find the right keywords.

There are many strange places for helping with your keyword research – just keep an open mind and pay attention to things around you more – take that one more step and go deeper and you will get your articles, posts, hubs, and lens showing up on the first pages before you know it.

10 thoughts on “Strange Places for Helping With Your Keyword Research

  1. Great Post Nancy.The throne is a good place to get ideas. I have been amazed at the places and times I get ideas as well. Sometimes I just have to write it down where ever I am. My family thinks I am nuts carrying a little notepad with me everywhere I go. Thank you for posting. I am sure glad I am not the only one that gets ideas in strange places.

    • Oh that is great as I also thought I was the only one that is constantly thinking about keywords when out and about lolololol

  2. Hey Nancy
    Thanks for the reminder about key words can pop up anywhere! Reminds me of one, keeping a notepad handy or in the case of the water ride (or tubing down the river like I did this past summer) to write thoughts down as soon as you can. Secondly,I heard a mentor stress to his followers,that a life worth living is a life worth recording.
    Keep those juices flowing!!lol

  3. Great Post Nancy, I can relate. lol I get inspiration on the throne, or driving, or right before going to sleep or awaking. The trick is to capture those ideas quickly as they float right thru our minds. Guess those are moments when we actually quiet our minds down to hear the inspiration.

    Kathy Clark
    Skype: kathyclark1945
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