Stress Reduction – learning to relax

In these days and the way the economy is right now and so many loosing their jobs, their houses, their life as they knew it – it can add alot of stress to our lives and we don’t even realize it.   I have lived thru all this and know the physical symptoms that can come with stress.

So I just wanted to share how you can experience some stress reduction – you can learn to relax if you listen to your body – it will tell you when you NEED this break .  I am going to share how I am learning to relax and reducing the stress.

The clues for me are the tension that I can feel between my shoulder blades – in fact if I ignore it for too long it will actually start feeling hot and then I know it’s time for a break.  Most of the time going line dancing will help me and get me to the point that I can continue on.  BUT there also comes a time that you just have to get completely away for the stress reduction and even learning to relax totally.

Well my stress reduction – learning to relax is being around my granddaughter – she is so sweet, not judgmental at anything that I do and the way she sees things is so pure and simple.  If a person can learn to see the world thru kids eyes – it is the best medicine out there.

As most of you know, I just returned from a get-away with my family and want to tell you that was the best stress reduction that I have had for awhile and you know why – because we went somewhere that was fun for my granddaughter.  Most adults don’t think that going to an indoor waterpark can be fun and make you learn to relax – think again lolol

All you have to do is hop on a tube and float around the lazy river over and over again and you learn to relax – and it’s great for stress reduction.  What did I learn while floating around is that it really don’t matter what happens but how you handle it will make all  the difference – as you can either let all the people bumping into you bother you instead  just let them bounce off your tube and just keep floating.

Life is alot like that – you are going to bump into others that you don’t agree with, that may have a screaming kid with them or some that be just a bully even – but if you just let them keep bouncing off they do keep floating on by.

The other stress reduction for me was the wave pool – it was quite an interesting watching people in between the times the waves came – they were relaxed, chatting with each other and just around enjoying being in the pool – – kinda reminded me again of life in general – we go thru life things being calm, chatting with your friends, etc. and then the waves come…………. now what is  going to happen – you are going to get knocked over or learn to ride the wave.

How do you ride the wave in your life… do you go with the flow????? …… you stand firm and let the wave hit you????……do you get prepared and jump the wave???????……. or do you get pushed in to the shallow end to either give up or do you turn around and head back in????

The biggest for me was just going with the flow – no matter what we were doing – and all of sudden you find yourself having fun and relaxing, learning to laugh at what life throws at you – and yes even if it catches you off guard sometimes and knocks you down lolol

So the next time that you feel that you need some stress reduction and learning to relax – find something so simple as playing with your grandkids on their level – let your guard down and see life thru their eyes – it’s really works.

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    • Thanks Ellen and yes – after living with stress for years I know what it can do to a person physically. Yes, I did have a great time

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