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Does the notifications on Facebook drive you crazy?  I know they do me especially since they fill up my email box and most of the time it’s someone just spamming a group that I’m in.  Well my friend, Philippe Moisan, did a blog post the other day and there was my answer.    Often times a person gets so busy that they don’t take the time to learn the things that they should and I feel that he did such a great job for people that are just starting on Facebook – but he also made it easy for us seasoned Facebook users.  I really recommend that you read this post

Facebook for online marketing beginners

This was just a true blessing for me yesterday when I read it as I didn’t have to spend hours trying to figure out how to turn off those pesky notification and after watching his video – it was so simple then to go and get rid of them.  The reason that I feel this is so important is that once you have done this – you will ONLY get the notifications that you want to get and just think the time it will save you going thru your emails and deleting 12 emails from same person that is just spamming groups.

You got mailAfter doing that yesterday, I found that there were still alot of emails in my file today and guess my brain had gone to sleep as duh……………..I have two accounts and only did the one.  So what I have been doing instead of delete all of them – I have been opening the email – scroll to the bottom and click on View on Facebook.  This will take you directly to the group that it came from and then you can turn them off and make sure that you go to setting and unclick sending them to your emails.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh life is going to be less stressful for me as do you know how long a person can take deleting all those emails.  So thank you Philippe for doing those videos and the lesson here people that even tho you think that you are wasting your time doing videos on simple things – here is proof that you are not.  You have to keep in mind that not only do the newbies need to have some guideline BUT us seasoned marketers sometimes need to see shortcuts that we just don’t have time to look for.

Now I know you are just chomping at the bit – so click on the link above and watch Philippe’s videos – bet you will be surprised at what you learn.  And if those notifications on Facebook was driving you crazy like they were for me – now you know what to do.

11 thoughts on “Notifications on Facebook

    • Thanks and YOU did help one person “ME” it was so frustrating getting all those email notifications and mostly from the same people just spamming all the groups and then when I did get to Facebook – I would have 100’s of notification grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr – so BIG thank you (hugs)

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  2. Hey Nancy,

    Great post!!! I definitely get way to many notifications in my email from Facebook and now I know I can limit the amount of them with little work.

    Thanks, Jon

  3. Excellent information here! This is what network marketing is all about..providing solutions for others in order to make the best use of the day and move closer to our goals of success. Thank you both Nancy & Philippe for sharing these most awesome tips with the masses! We are honored to know so many wonderful marketers such as yourselves who provide the utmost value in this great arena.
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  4. Hi Nancy:

    This is a great video by Philippe, but the PROBLEM is with Facebook allowing the notifications in the first place. If you post in an open/public group (doesn’t happen with closed groups), a notification gets sent out to your friends, thinking they might be interested and check out the groups you’re involved in. Now, most of my FB friends are personal friends, who have no interest in my online marketing activities at all. I may be posting informative, valuable content in the groups, but it’s still irrelevant to them, so why would I want to subject them to all these notifications? What I post in a group shouldn’t be “advertised” to my friends, unless they’re group members themselves or I chose to send it to them directly.

    This is precisely why I DON’T advertise on FB groups, even though I think it’s a viable way to advertise. My FB account is still essentially a personal account, and I don’t want to burden my friends with all these notifications. If there was a way to do this from a FB PAGE that you create specifically for your business (as opposed to your personal profile), it would be great…but FB doesn’t allow it. 🙁

    • Thanks for the comment and nice that you visited with my blog – and I agree that we should not have out friends pages bombared with things they are not interested in. I actually wish there was a limit on the pictures comments as they are driving me crazy also – one or two is nice but some people add 10 – 12 a day and when you got 5000 friends wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww that fills up a page and you might miss something important – JMO remember

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