Squidoo Lens

Squidoo gives you a chance to create single one page websites and only your imagination is your limit.  Where on here can you create a page (called a lens on here) that people can view and not get your hand slapped for promoting and selling.

Years ago, I remember when I was first introduced to Squidoo, the first lens that was shown to me was this one and I was told that if this person can earn money with this site – then it should be easy for you to do the same.  Click here to see what this gal sells – you are going to be shocked as I know I was 😀

Now some facts I want to point out – she is #3 in category and #77 overall and did you notice that 397 people liked this page – does you page get this many views??????  Is is ranked this high?????  Something to think about huh?

When setting up your lens, you will also want to do your keyword research just like you have been taught with your articles, blog post, etc. , then that will be the title of your post and each section is called a module – now what I do is add text modules and then write what I want and be sure to make it attractive with pictures.

This is your chance to make your impression – set up your sales pages – entice others to stay on your page.  The key behind Squidoo marketing is to have a balance between useful and informative content peppered with money-making modules.

Now if your lens is more informational, then you can still add a module that would earn you money – add an Amazon module and then add products that relate to your lens and yes I recommend that you pick your own – take the time – it will be worth it because if someone goes from your lens to Amazon and buys that product you get a commission (make sure you set up an account with Amazon if you don’t already have one)

Like with any profile that you set up make sure that you take the time to fill out your bio – people still want to read about you, know that you are a real person and can be trusted.  Use your real picture and add places that they can connect with you ie facebook, twitter, etc.

Update your lens regularly. You’ll have a better chance of ranking well in both Squidoo and with the search engines if you add some fresh content to your lens on a regular basis. This could be as simple as changing some keywords around also as with any editing that you do – you have to hit publish the lens and that keeps it fresh.

The place is a monster for traffic generation! And it’s getting bigger and better. Google is in love with Squidoo. It’s easier to get a first page ranking with a squidoo lens than it is with anything else. I don’t know what it is but Squidoo is going to be the next ‘hangout’ for everyone.

Now lets talk about royalties – Squidoo will run a few ads on your lens from Google. Anytime someone buys a product you recommend on your lens, or clicks on a Google Ad, you get 50% of the royalties.   Squidoo is three to five times bigger than anyone else they compete with. Nobody else is even close in traffic, pages, users, etc. Google Analytics reports more than 6 million unique visitors a month and approximately twice that in visits. What does this mean for you? More traffic = More Royalties = More money Google pays out to YOU.

Promote Squidoo through their affiliate program. All you need to do is create your own account and get your referral link. If someone signs up through your affiliate link and then his or her lens earns its first $15, both you and your friend will each get $5 in to your account. This is great because it really encourages promotion and community. I mean, for example, if you sign up with Squidoo using my referral link, then you and I both stand a chance in making money when you reach your first $15 earnings. But, if you don’t sign up with a referral, then both you and the person who told you about Squidoo don’t get to make that extra $5.

One post that I found very helpful when I started was How to Make a Living on Squidoo – it’s packed full of tips that will help you if you are first starting – Click here to read

One more for all you writers out there or if you find that you like creating Squidoo lens – then you can sell your lens that you create also Click here to learn more about another way to earn money.

Well I know this was a little long but there was just so much info there and I will be doing another post on some of the other features that I have found that you can add to your lens.  This would be a great way to get those reports out there – this is how I did mine Click here – Making Internet Marketing Easier