Ning social networking sites

Well once again I’m going to try and explain the Ning social Networking sites as I see so many struggling that are just starting in the internet marketing world and they have no clue how to socialize, network, write blogs, set up a profile, etc.  Ning social Networking sites have been around for awhile and there is a site for about every niche you can think of.

Years ago when I first started it was free to set up your own – and over the years Ning has gone to charging to do this but what they charge is worth it to me as I use my own Ning social networking site for a variety of things and if you have not had a chance to download my free report this will explain some of the things that I can do on my site.

Now the key here is that you set up your profile once and then when you join another site – you can have your favorite blog post, any discussions, video, profile info, etc. added very fast and opens up another whole world for you and new group of friends to start connecting with.

Now unlike facebook – there is no limit on the friends that you connect with and yes you can add things about you that you can’t add on facebook – is it as big as facebook – no – but I have to tell you I really think that the people are more targeted because they have joined a certain niche already.

It’s really not hard to set up a profile – click here to see mine and it won’t take you long to hear my favorite song – and this you will hear on all my profile pages no matter which NING social networking site that I join.  Now remember this is a SOCIAL platform – so don’t go hitting people up with your promos – add them to your profile and then just chit – chat with others – they will see it and when they are ready will ask you about it if interested.

So depending on your niche – just go to Google and start looking around and I bet you will find a NING site out there and if you just want to have some fun and say that YOU have a page on a celebrity’s site – well check my profile page on this site – I just found this by accident looking something else up on Google – I had my profile set up in 20 minutes – my profile, added pictured, added videos, and blog post – it’s just that easy people.

WOW I was looking for a picture to add to this post and was quite surprised when I Google this and found my social site on the front page of Google – Ning social site pictures – very interesting – so people you can get on the front of Google 🙂 – those are nice surprises and why we do what we do 🙂