Live Link Cafe

Years ago there was a site called Vinefire and on this site you could post a link and your URL and people clicked on it – the big stink was that you could earn money – which looked good on paper but they never paid you.  Well what I found interesting is that sometimes with some hot comes along that you just go with the flow and use it for your benefit.

That is what I did with Vinefire, and let me tell you I got more traffic to my online Gift Shop and even made sales, I also sold 5 books on there and actually wish I knew today what I did back then – I would have made alot more money lolol.  Well, do those chances come along again – well to my surprise I found a site that so similiar and the Alexia Ranking is 95,000 already – which tells me this site is getting traffic.

Live Link Cafe

Every link that you view at Live Link Cafe will earn a certain number of “view credits” towards “post points” which allows you to add your own link to the system.  Now for all of you that are looking for a fast and effective way to get your stuff out there – this is it.  Now the key here is use a catchy headline and this gives you the experience to test some and find out what works for you.

What I do is make a tracking link and use them with each new headline that I use and this easily can be done by going to your backoffice at NPN (those of you that are there) and set up your trackable links.  If you are not in NPN, there are other sites that allow you to make trackable links  AND if you are not tracking your results, there is no better time to start than NOW.

Now here are a few tips that I learned with these type of sites – you are only allowed to add the same URL only once so what I did with my Gift Shop was that I had a headline for every page of my site and that gave me 10 different URLs for the day – the more you get the things in a person face the better.  This is a perfect way for people to see your website and what you have to offer.

What are some of the other things that I learned is that this needs to be put on your daily to-do list and I made swipe files so that it’s easy to do.  You are given 10 post links at Live Link Cafe when you join – and you earn by clicking on others – – you also earn by bringing in new people – so I would spread the word around about this site.