How to Protect Your Boat from Timber Rot

Protect Your Boat From Timber Rot: Information and Tips that Can Save Your Beloved Watercraft

Timber rot is the bane of boat owners. This problem can cause minor blemishes and serious structural concerns. The good news is that there are habits and practises you can put in place to prevent timber rot before it has a chance to damage your beloved watercraft. The following information and tips will help you make better decisions about how you care for your boat.

What is Timber Rot?images

Rot eats away at wood, weakening it and eventually ruining its ability to function as an important part of your boat. Rot comes in two varieties: wet and dry. Wet rot happens when timber is not protected and comes in contact with moisture. Dry rot also appears when untreated wood comes in contact with water or moisture, only this form occurs once the plank dries. These conditions are frequently encountered in the life of a boat, which is why rot is such a common problem for those who own and maintain watercraft.

Protect Your Boat Wood Before It Rots

One of the best ways to stop rot before it starts is to protect your boat’s wood. A protective primer designed specifically for marine use is a good start. This will create a shield that will help prevent water from directly contacting the wood. Paint and varnish can both help keep your wood rot-free. Remember to explore your options because there are many different brands, and some are better than others.

Repairing a Timber Rotted Boat

If the problem goes unchecked, you could have a ruined boat on your hands. Rot is brought on by fungus, which means the situation will increase if the fungus is permitted to thrive and grow. The best approach is to tackle rotten pieces right away so they don’t have a chance to affect the rest of your vessel.

Significant rot should be physically removed. The wood is likely already weakened and will pose a structural stability risk. Cut out any rotten sections and replace it with new wood.  Cut a large amount of good wood that surrounds the infected area as well to make sure the fungus is completely removed.

Severe Timber Rot Issues

You may find that timber rot has made its way inside your boat. If you own a fibreglass vessel, then the problem could appear inside along the wooden frame or reinforcements. If the area is not accessible, you may need to obtain the assistance of a professional boat repair service.

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