God works in mysterious ways – another example to share

God works in Mysterious WaysWe had such thunder and lighting last nite and I turned off my computer (did not unplug it and you should do that when it’s lighting) anyway when I got up I didn’t have any internet access and so here I set wide awake (well kinda wide awake) and no internet – so what does a person do – I call support at my provider and they put in a ticket for them to come out and check it out.  In the meantime, I started cleaning as I am having another open house Saturday as the people that have given me an offer it’s pending selling their place.  So my realtor was thinking another open house might get me another offer which would either be cash or pre-approved loan already.

So I got lot more stuff out to the garage sale and while sitting there waiting for it to stop raining, was feeling sorry for myself about my internet was down.  Well like I said couple hours later the provider showed up and then brought his laptop in and plugged the wire into it and it worked – well I was shocked.  So he did some testing in Dos and was satisfied that there was nothing wrong with my internet service.  To my surprise he said your internet card must have went.

Again so shocked that he said that – and I said this computer is not even a year old yet (the positive out of all this – it is still under warranty yeahhhhhhhhhh well put a call into my local computer guy and then went about my day and got the garage sale open.  To my surprise it stopped raining, cleared up and was an awesome fall day here.  Still worrying about my computer, I got to thinking God what am I going to do if he don’t have a card in stock, what if being an all in one that it has to get sent in to get worked on – what am I going to do.

See I do have a plan B but my plan B was on it’s way to California as my boyfriend’s computer died and he is using mine for right now.  Well as the day went on a guy stopped and we chatted some and he said I really don’t know why I stopped – as I love going to garage sales but I am getting ready to sell my house and move to Madison and don’t really need to be buying more stuff.  Well we kept chatting and told him that I was also downsizing as I have discoverer that I really don’t need this big of a place as I live in my office because of me working online.

He say – oh and what do you do and you know me I love to talk about what I do and after telling him all about it I told him about what I did – then told him about what had happen this morning and he said hmmmm something just don’t sound right and wanted to know if I had done a system restore.  Told him no and he said let’s go try it.  So we went in the house and being that he had always wanted to work on the type of computer that I had – I let him proceed.  Well the system did a restore and I was back.

Customers came to my sale so as we were walking back out – he said well I don’t know why I stopped really but glad I did and I said I know why you stopped – God sent you here.  God wors in mysterious ways – if you don’t believe I’m sorry but I believe as this is just one of the many examples that I have seen Him work and I’m so blessed.

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  1. Oh Nancy I hear what you are saying. God do look after us and reach out a hand even though in the most mysterious ways. More than once I have had the experience of his good helping hand. Mostly it happen when you do not see the solution your self but need a direction from some one els. By the way thank YOU for YOUR help Today.

    Anette Hultman
    Anette Hultman recently posted..Through The Eyes Of A Traffic Exchange Owner.

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