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Well I have to just tell you that I have never seen an online industry pull together for such a great cause. I’m so proud to be a part of this industry (traffic exchanges) and how they are showing their support for Surfing 4 The Troops.

The Surfing 4 The Troops Surf Promo is a group of traffic exchange owners coming together to raise social awareness and support for the men and women who serve in the military. This is not a political statement but a show of support for the men and women who serve their countries. Proud to Support our Troops

For anyone reading this and don’t know what a traffic exchange is – it a place that people like you can promote their sites, products, blogs, etc. – you simply surf others pages in exchange credits – these credits can then be assigned to your items for others to see.

When this started out as an idea months ago, no one never thought that this surf promo would be the Biggest Traffic Exchange Event of the season. Having been around for years, I have to say that I have not seen anything like this.

There are 50 sites – yea I said 50 traffic exchanges that have come together to make people aware and support the people that make it possible to have the freedom to do what we do. If you want to read more or about the TE’s that are involved click here Surfing 4 The Troops Surfing Promo

There is one other thing that I’d like to point out – you don’t have to surf any or all of them but there are cash prizes that will be awarded. BUT the thing that I’m so proud about is letting people know about Red Shirt Friday. What is Red Shirt Friday and Why Red Shirt Friday – well click here to read more – this will knock your socks off Red Shirt Friday.

To me this is just an awesome way to say THANKS and let our guys and gals we love them for protecting us. Personally, I don’t like wars but I do support and appreciate our military for what they do – and just think this is an awesome way to show it.

So you are wondering what you can do – if you are a surfer, then surf and say thank you to the TE’s that are making everyone aware. If you are not a surfer, then share this post with everyone that you know on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc. Also, do the same for the other links in this post.

YOU can make a difference and say thank you – and I thank you for what YOU are going to do. Now share, share, share, share and even a comment on these blog post will help.

Support Our TroopsRegretsLandon

8 thoughts on “Surfing 4 The Troops Surf Promo

    • Thanks DA and am loving this promo – great group of site owners and the members are having such a great time – BUT the biggest joy is getting the word out and making people aware and saying thanks to our troops.

  1. Hey Nancy, you are 100% right, that is a terrific promotion.
    Our military men and women definitely need our support.
    They should not have to worry about whether or not we
    think they are doing the right thing, only that we support

    Being a Navy veteran myself, I appreciate everything that
    they do for us and we owe it to them to give our full support.


  2. Awesome Post Nance and Very Well Written. Yes this IS an Industry First and ALL of us owners are Very Proud to be a part of this. Its so great to see so many people come together in such a simply way to say Thanks to those who server for All of Us.

    Thanks Nancy Tweete/Liked etc

    Krazy Kaye Towne

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