Looking For Blogging Ideas? Try These Tips!

Many folks today want to create an online presence with a large following. Building an audience helps you succeed in the online world. A great way to create a voice and people to listen to it is by blogging. If you wish to figure out how to use blogging to help you, read this article.

Select key phrases for your blogging search engine optimization strategy that are unique and unlikely to be used by your competition. When you are focusing on common keywords, it is very hard to compete with others. To get a large number of reader views, you must be unique.  Yea I know what you are thinking and how can I when I’m scared of writing – well what I learned to do was write like you talk – I do this all the time – I read out loud when I’m writing and see how it sounds and most that know me I’m just a plain Jane type of person and that is what you will find in my post.

Be certain that the most important things on your blog are “above the fold”–right at the top where viewers can see them without scrolling down. Doing this will allow visitors to navigate your site with ease.  Over time I have found that 300 – 500 words are best then readers are more likely to read the whole thing.

When blogging, try not to keep things too simple. Learn constantly, always research and think of this like it’s a business. Learn from experienced bloggers, and apply some of the techniques that they are using. This is one of the reasons that you see me visit so many blogs,  you can keep going forward by constantly learning and improving your new methods of blogging.

Give your readers easy access to you via a contact page. This will make it easy for your visitors to make contact if they should have any questions. Your readers can come from anywhere, and you may be surprised by the useful feedback that you will receive if you let them contact you.   Also chat back with them when they comment – I see it if they took the time to comment – then thank them.

If you are writing for your own blog, keep the style of your writing informal and captivating. Your blog should have a fun and social format. Always treat it this way. You want readers to keep coming back, so interact with them in an informal, pleasant way.





Ok got that out of my system……………………..

When making your blog, buy your domain name as opposed to going with a free site. It does not cost much, and will make you seem more professional. Using your business’s name or something related to it will make it easier for viewers to remember it.

Make sure your blog is in good health. This means you are performing all necessary maintenance and changing little things here and there. Keeping your blogs up-to-date will keep your readers interested and decrease the chance of boredom, so that your readers will continue to return again and again.  Don’t take it for granted that all your forms work, you links work – test, test, test, test – as I have added plugins and then some of my forms didn’t work – still have not figured that one out yet.

Think about designing your blog posts using bullet lists, italics, bold text and other ways that will stand out within your blogging niche. Search engines like this kind of content and site traffic will increase accordingly. This piece of advice is quite powerful and can help you in a number of ways.

Much information has been presented in this article; hopefully, it has helped you to better understand the art of blogging, and the many ways in which you might benefit from creating your own blog. Apply everything that you’ve learned and stay patient, you’ll see results in no time.  If you have thought about blogging and don’t know where to start – click here to learn how

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