Text Ad Exchanges – Solo Ad Tips and Tricks

It’s interesting how many times that I talk to people and most don’t even know what a text ad exchange is and have never heard of solo ads.  In this article, you will find tips and tricks that I have learned over the years and then also some things that I have seen while owning text ad exchanges.

First of all a text ad exchange is quite simple

You join the site and then for view others ads you receive points or credits depending on the site: then what you do is take those points or credits and exchange them for your own advertising purposes.  There are a variety of ways to place your ads such a 468×60 banners, button banners, hot links, traffic links, ptc links,  login ads, and of course solo ads.

Solo AdsWhat are solo ads?

Solo ads are email ads that you can send to all the members of that site as when they signed up they agreed to receive these in the TOS.  This is one of the things that I love about text ad exchanges – you get to email someone list and they read them because they are going to get points or credits for opening your solo ad.

Now let me tell you the worse mistake that I see when either viewing at other sites or that I have seen members make and that is to add a site URL that don’t work and wow what a waste.  Most sites have that you can preview your site or even banner before posting and yet still I see sites that don’t show.

Over the years, I have viewed thousands of solo ads and have found that the KISS system is the best (KISS – keep it simple sweetie)  You have to keep in mind that most people DO NOT have the time so set and read an ad that really should have been a blog post.  Give your potential viewer the FACTS – they need to know “why” I should view your site.

Most sites offer HTML coding so it’s pretty easy now a days to make this bright, flashy, fancy solo ad – don’t get carried away with so many colors, flashy text etc. What I have seen is that some ads get so overloaded that a person is busy looking at all the fancy stuff that they miss your message all together.  Keep in mind that you only have a few seconds to grab your reader – most are just going to be looking for that link to click to get their points or credits.

So I know by now you are wondering then is it really worth the time – my answer is yes.  When doing solo ads, I have a cheat sheet that I have copied the HTML coding for the ads that I want to send out and saved them in a notepad – then when I want to send them out – I just open that file – copy and paste and I’m done because you can only send out ONE a day.

If you are promoting a site because you are an affiliate,  most site have a splash page or squeeze page in their promo materials that you can use.  Just copy and paste the code in the HTML editor and add your headline and referral link and you are done.  In lot of the sites there are pre-written emails for you to use, I have found that I don’t get the results from them – don’t copy and paste the same thing everyone else is using.

Keep It Simple SweetieYou want your solo to be unique to you so put on your creative hat (as we all wear many hats in this business) and come up with either a KISS text ad, create your own splash or squeeze pages – watch other people’s ads and find out what it was in those ads that made you STOP and read the ad.  Learn to use those techniques and you will be surprised at the results that you start getting.

One more thing – track, track, track

If you are not creating a link that you can track and know if it’s working – you are just wasting your time.  You are trying to find the needle in the haystack – and the odds of that – well…………..learn to work smarter – not harder.

After reading this article, I hope this will help you on the text ad exchanges that you are on to get better results with your solo ads.  If you have never written a solo or tried solo ads, then maybe you will try them out NOW.  Take action and test the waters – and if you want to learn more about text ad exchanges join my group on Facebook by clicking here Text Ad Marketing

10 thoughts on “Text Ad Exchanges – Solo Ad Tips and Tricks

  1. Nancy great post!

    I so agree with you on the whole post but the most important thing
    is like you said track, track, track. I have tried and tried to make sure
    people know this. Why because without it then you time is wasted.

    Even if you do get leads and sign ups you won’t know where they are from
    unless you are tracking them!

    You go girl,

    • Exactly Susan and I know that I did that for awhile and soon discovered that I didn’t know what was working and not working, it’s just makes sense now – wish someone had told me sooner how important it really is – internet lessons we learn the hard way sometimes.

  2. Nancy~

    Nice intro post to Text Ad Exchanges. You broke it down pretty nicely and I, too, have noticed many people promoting pages with broken links and I cringe everytime I see it! Simple repetition is the key. You have to stay focused and not dilute your advertising over too many different things you are promoting. As far as tracking, we use Viral Mail Profits (http://bit.ly/H9fzYX) to simplify our lives as it allows you to quickly load all your mailers into a system that will tell you when to send, will track your click through rates and much more!

    As far as the emails go, I agree that we shouldn’t make them too long and using HTML coding is starting to become more and more normal as we progress to more advanced sharing systems! I really need to get my coding done and start testing it out to see if it improves our click through rates and branding!

    Look forward to hearing more from you!

    Have a great day!

    Steve Goodwin
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