Lead Skimmer Review – A must for building your list

If you are like me and was struggling trying to find a way to build your list that really works, is easy to use and will generate them faster than any other method out there, then read about Lead Skimmer as that is what it has done for me and everyone that I know that uses it.  I know there are no big red easy buttons but I have to say that Geoff sure came close with this one.

Here are some notable features..

  • Builds your list exponentially, 3X faster than you can now, with REAL opt-in quality leads.
  •  Generates exponentially increasing income through the site, through GlobalNPN, and of course through your list that it’s building for you (at 3X the speed!)
  • It will build your OWN contact lists (not the company’s), supporting Aweber, Getresponse, and NPN’s MMPro contact lists.
  • It’s FREE to use with a complete “no brainer” upgrade option, which allows you to earn through the site OR through GlobalNPN. (ie. you either make a sale, or you get a new Director in your downline!)
  • As an NPN Director (or higher), you will already be qualified as a “Premium” member – no upgrade required for you :) .
  • Is a quick and painless, “easy-in” marketing funnel that gets leads onto your list immediately, and money into your pocket.

Now I know that you have heard how the money is in the list – well this is the best way that I have seen online to grow that list – take a look at the Lead Skimmer Review video

Lead Skimmer Review

If you are wanting to increase your contact lists, earn more commissions, and build your NPN businesses to a much higher level – you NEED to be part of what’s going on here. It’s really quite amazing..

Lead Skimmer is clearly the best way to generate leads online right now. Why?? Because it works. Period.




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28 thoughts on “Lead Skimmer Review – A must for building your list

  1. Yet another well-written review of a cool program Nancy! I personally have not yet gotten into the nitty gritty with it, but plan on doing so someday, when I have some free bandwidth. Right now, the offline leads are bountiful – which is keeping me busier than busy! 🙂


    • Thanks and I know you are doing great with the offline and glad to hear that is keeping you jumping – keep up the great work

  2. Totally awesome review Nancy, I haven’t sign up with that program yet, although it certainly sounds great and I definitely will. Thanks for sharing it with us all.

    Success to all!


    • Thanks Susie and nice to see you and if you have any questions when you want to get started let me know and I’ll help you.

  3. Nancy, you’re right, from what I understand about the Skimmer it is an awesome tool for increasing your targeted leads. I plan on using it myself in the very near future. Thanks for sharing this vital info, a must for IM success.


    • Thanks James and when you are ready give me a yell and I’ll help you – you will really like how fast you can get leads

    • Thanks Ellen and you know I will hlep you – so yell when you get to that point – I know that you are on overload right now

  4. Nancy,
    What a great review. You hit all the high points of this wonderful system. Your knowledge of online marketing and how much you care about other people comes shining through. Thanks for all your help and much success.

    • Thanks Jim – I love helping others and like to see people succeed – I have always loved giving more than receiving and now I have a whole new world that I can help

  5. Lead Skimmer Review – A must for building your list

    This is certainly something worth looking into. Anyone who is trying to succeed online needs a list and this is the perfect tool. Great review!

  6. Great post Nancy. I too am loving Lead Skimmer.
    Great program for building leads and when you
    tell others they really appreciate it.

    First time I seen you new blog. Looks good!

    BTW… Nice Lead Skimmer image.

    Roland Leveille

    • Thanks Roland – I have seen you busy using Lead Skimmer and you seem to be enjoying it as much as I am – sure wish Geoff had come out with this long time ago – I would have lot bigger list by now lol

      Glad you like my new look

  7. Informative and straight to the point Nancy, the Lead Skimmer sounds awesome! A snowstorm has been keeping me out of touch so I learned a lot from your post and will be upgrading at NPN in a few weeks so I too can get a jump on my list building with the Lead Skimmer. Thanks for all the valuable info, and especially your personal opinion as it means a lot to me! I will be in touch when this mini blizzard is over……:)

    • Sorry to hear about your mini snowstorm and have missed seeing you around – bet you will be glad to get back in the routine of things. Will be looking forward to helping you when you get back with Lead Skimmer, you know where to find me.

  8. I was a $10.75 NPN member and then I upgraded to Director so I could get the Premium level on Lead Skimmer to have a lead line. So I start advertising my Lead skimmer capture page and get 4 free basic members added to my lead list at my autoresponder and 4 more Lead Lines, and nothing else. How I do get these free members to get their 3 referrals to qualify themseves to start a lead line? I offered advertise their LS link for them if they would send it to me, but I didn’t get any takers. Too bad Geoff doesn’t give us a 2nd link to advertise for them.

    • Hi Leroy – well I would first have to ask where are you advertising for one. I also would have to ask do you have a talking relationship with your downline and have showed them what they should be doing – like making sure that their autoresponder is set up right, that they are targeting the right places, and that they also build that talking relationship with others. This makes it easy to get leads BUT you have to contact them, talk to them, answer any questions, you have to be their mentor if you are going to expect to get the results that you want.
      As far as a 2nd link – why don’t you make your own – either a unique splash page, squeeze page etc. – you have to think outside of the box – don’t just grab the referral link and expect it to be a Big Easy Button OR a Miracle Cure.
      Hope this give you suggestions on what to try – the biggest thing that I also didn’t see you mention was contacting your upline – who is your sponsor – they should be helping you in the same way as mentioned above.
      Also, the forum is a great place for some help – there has even been email letters written for your autoresponder on that forum – I would check it out also.

  9. Hey Nancy,

    I Tweeted it, I Dugg it, I +1’d it and I Liked it on FB.

    It’s always nice to hear from you young lady.

    Your friend and business partner,

    Cpt. Michael
    Traffic Apache

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