Joseph Riley Memorial

What is the Joseph Riley Memorial – well let me tell you this is the one of the most interesting stories that I have seen in quite awhile. You can read about this @

Babble-Whack-A-Thon with Krazy Kaye and James Holmes Babble Whacking! in SWAT Conf Room..COME ON IN! Help us raise funds for Abra and Joseph Riley

As you can see there have been many expenses that have happened and any donations will be much appreciated.  If you don’t have money – time is always appreciated by adding the links to your Facebook page, tweet it, add it as many places that you can – we are going to stick with this till Abra can get Joseph back home to Australia.

It’s just awesome to see how the community of online marketers have come thru on this and here is just a few of the ones that I know that have created specials to help with the fund raising.  Check out the specials as any help that you can do is appreciated.


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