Breast Cancer Awareness

When I was approached by some friends of mine to join them in a promotion for Breast Cancer Awareness – I was thrilled as this has always had a special place in my heart.  I would like to share a quick story.

Most of you know that I love gardening and was thrilled when our garden club decided to take on a project back in 2007 – it was call the Pink Ribbon Cancer Survivors Garden.  This idea was inspired by one of our members as she was diagnosed and she felt so blessed to have been a survivor that she want to create a place that others could come to and enjoy – and the location would be at the clinic that she had her treatments.

So we got together and started designing and wow the love that went into this garden was just unbelievable.   After having a design together, we approached the clinic where she took her treatments and they were thrilled about the idea and even set up a fund for the project and gave seed money to get it started.  I felt so blessed to have been a part of this wonderful garden and below you will see some of the pictures.

Just some highlights of this wonderful project …………..  You should have heard the reaction of the concrete place when we called and wanted an estimate for pink concrete – I still laugh about that today.  In the 2nd picture you will see that this is the middle of the pink ribbon – which was the basis that the garden was designed around.  A closer view in the 2nd picture was our main water feature and we even design and made the water feature – that is a multi-colored stainless gazing globe made into a fountain.

The 3rd picture was just simple amazing in coming together as that is our wall of water – this was a piece of metal that actually has dents hammered into it (and get this- our cancer survivor’s husband was blind – he was the one that put the dents in the metal and actually was up on the ladder helping us install it.  This garden was so blessed in sooooooooo many ways – especially the way that the volunteers kept coming to help, the way the donated money kept coming in, the way things kept getting donated.

There were benches, trash containers, edging, the irrigation, etc. all donated.  The last picture was our BIG miracle – we wanted an angel to watch over garden as we felt that angels watched over our survivors.  The committee searched for angels and finally found this one and talking about a miracle – we all prayed over this as the price tag on her was to the tune of $10,000.00.  I remember us all thinking this was going to be a challenge to raise this kind of money.

We approached the clinic with our proposal and asked if they had suggestions on how they thought we could raise this kind of money – well they offered to put it in their next newsletter that went out to people that donate to the clinic.  Well to let you know that God was sure with us on this project – we got a call from the clinic telling us to order the angel that we have the money – an insurance company found out about the project and donated all the money for the angel.

I tell you this story because after being on this project committee, I have seen for myself that if enough people come together and work hard that things are possible.  This is why I was so excited when the TE ladies approached me and wanted to know if I would like to be part of their project.  We have got together and are going to have a surfing contest with 7 TE to help make people aware of breast cancer.

You can see our promo by clicking here Te Ladies 4 Charity Raise Awareness Promo

You will be able to get the details at our blog   TELadies4Charity.Com

We would love to have you become a sponsor either by donating to our cause or help us spread the word – Join our cause here

October is Cancer Awareness Month – so help us by spreading the word and come visit our sites as what we have done – each TE is inserting a page and then you click on it YOU will be able to give a FREE mammogram to someone.  So stop by the TE’s listed on this page Te Ladies 4 Charity Raise Awareness we are tracking the pages to see how many FREE mammograms we can give away.

As you can see from my story that miracles can happen – jump in and help us help others.


20 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Awareness

    • Yes it is Cathy and love seeing projects like this come together and even with this one – the money that has been raised already and our promo hasn’t even started – and just think all the mammograms that are going to come out of this – woooooooooooohooooooooooooo

  1. Wow, what an awesome idea.
    I wish I had thought of it…Maybe next year I can do one for Ovarian…yes even in my from yard.
    I can research and find teal colored flowers and do some pint in between as the two are related.

  2. Nancy this is absolutley amazing! Just reading your story touch my heart in so many ways … wish i could have taking my grandmother there she had a love for gardening,,, but her health dosent allow her to travel anymore….

    • Ahhh Christin – there have been so many that have came and seen the gardens and know that they were just meant to be and the part that I forgot to mention in the article is that treatment room is on the 2nd floor and we have heard from so many that take their treatments there – how they love looking down on the garden from above – there seems to be a peace that comes over them – so yes God sure knew what he was doing on this one

  3. What an awe-inspiring story Nancy! And what an incredible idea. It’s amazing what a group of people brought together for a good cause can accomplish with the help of prayer and other people (answering our prayers).

    As you know, my mother may have cancer in both breasts. One of her sisters died two years ago from cancer that invaded her body everywhere, but had started as breast cancer. Another of her sisters has been in remission for 7 years!

    If any of you ladies out there would like to offer up a prayer for my mom, it would be greatly appreciated!

    Love you Nancy. Hugs as always!


  4. Awesome story, Nancy. Glad you could help made the garden happen for her and everyone visiting the treatment center.

    And the project you and the other ladies like Jolynn have taken on with Traffic Exchanges is great also.

    I wish it the best of luck so that it will help as many as possible.

    Thank you form doing these and posting to help others to be aware of what is happening here.

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