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I don’t know about you but I often wonder how my websites are doing, my website ranking, and am I doing what I need to for the bots to find me and how does my site looks to the search engines.  Oh I know some of you are thinking no I really don’t want to know then I would really see how bad my website ranking and some have gone to Alexa and check your ranking there and see that it’s in the millions.

Well I on the other hand want to know – I  want to know what needs to corrected, I want to know if I’m getting noticed – there is lot of hours that are put in and you NEED to know.  You have to remember that the more that you learn about you, your site and how the internet views you – the better.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know how you are doing – like a report card that you get in school – well I have found a tool that does just that.

When I put in my blog, I found out right away that my weakness was not being seen by directories – this is great to know as I have to admit that this is an area that I really never paid attention to.  The other thing I loved about this was that the info was all there – Google page rank, Alexa ranking, your domain age, how much it’s worth, your backlinks, last time a bot was there – pretty cool huh.

Ok you go to Kooiii SEO stat checker and just add your URL and you will get a report just like the one above – now just don’t look at it and go oh no – look at it as a report card and what do you do when you get an average report card – you study hardier, you work hardier to bring your grade up – well this is what you do with this info.

So hope I have helped you with see your website ranking – I call it a report card and now you know where you need to make improvements – I sure have my work cut out for me – don’t forget to bookmark this site so you can watch your grades get better – good luck everyone

22 thoughts on “Website Ranking

  1. Well Nancy, thank you for the information.
    I made the misstake of checking mine. Wow I got a lot of work to do. But yes great starting point thank you for the info.


    • Well you not the only one – can’t believe all the zeros that I got – so you will know where I’ll be working on lol

  2. Nancy I just checked mine … this is cool and like you said I need to work hard on it … I don’t think I’m bad for a beginner – thanks for the tip.

    skype: agnessaam

  3. Hi Nancy,

    This is a great post and an awesome tool. It showed me that I have a lot of work to do to get my blog
    back up to par.


    Skype me – soonerdad3

    • I think we are all in the same boat – what I like about it was that I could check my other sites also and that was amazing also

  4. Wow, nancy you did it again, found a site that would help out in a great way. This tool will certainly benefit everyone that owns a site to check up on how well it is performing.

    Thanks alot

    skype smsforce

    • Well I know it did me – I have been checking on all my sites now and see where they need help and I have lot of work to do

  5. Very helpful info as usual! We like and need to know how we’re doing too and this is a cool site we didn’t know about. Thank you so much for always delivering these little nuggets to help others. You’re awesome!

    • Thanks Debbie – just want others to not to have to go thru all the crap that I have gone thru learning things the hard way

  6. Hi Nancy,
    Thank’s for the info.
    Yes it is handy to be able to check how your site is getting on compared to all the other sites.
    Just need to plod on and keep tweeking and improving.

    Many thanks,

    • You welcome and so true – at least this is a way to see how you are doing and where you still need to tweak

  7. Great information, as always Nancy. It is a pleasure to know someone that actually takes out the time to share helpful information to all to help them with their success as you find ways to help your own. Thank you so much. You are so very much appreciated.

    • Well this one is saving me so much time and I actually feel somewhat organized – just have to get the rest a little more organized lol

    • If you go back to the this post and look below the picture you will see some text in blue – click on that and then add your site url and get your stats that way

  8. Hi Nancy, As I can see your Alexa rank today is 751,341 and good rank in the USA 230,468. Also, you have 32 links to the site, which is good.

    Now, as you know, to bring traffic and increase Alexa rank I have created my Wiki-Clix site and it works very well. As for Google page rank, yours is zero now, so you need more quality backlinks and of course as much as possible quality content on the site. This is just to say it in few words…

    But your job is great and me and my wife Ana, wish you a lot of success with your offline and online gardening 🙂

    • Thanks Teo and it’s all a work in progress – it all takes time but it’s starting to come together.

      I have been working on the backlinks and am hoping to change my PR soon. Enjoyed our chat today and looking forward to many more.

      Tell you wife that I will be sharing pictures of my gardens as the season keeps going – have a great day.

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