Metapad has sure made my life alot easier

Well you know me and I’m always looking for things that will save me time so that I can keep somewhat caught up lololol (if that is possible) .  My friend, Dave, found this for me and thanks Dave – this has been a real jewel.  Metapad has sure made my life alot easier and I’m going to tell you how and why.  Here are some more of my little secrets oh how I keep my websites, squeeze pages, banners etc. out there – try this it works. 

For everyone that is using notepad – you are going to love Metapad.  Metapad is a small, fast (and completely free) text editor but here is the best part – when you put in an URL – you will be able to click on it from your document unlike notepad.  Metapad has sure made my life alot easier because I have what I call is my cheat sheets.  They are not as organized as I would like but they work lololol

Most know that I own/operate traffic exchanges, text ads sites and paid to click sites and this is how Metapad has been so great for me.  You know when you belong to many sites and then you want to promote thing and you have to go and hunt for the URLS – well here is my system.  I made up some cheat sheets and what I did is I added all my URLS on them – I have the main URL and then the URL to the ad material that I want to use (banners 468, 125, splash pages etc.)  and I have that one named nancy-links.

Over time that file got so big that I had to make new ones and this is why Metapad is better as any URL that you put in there is automatically clickable – so makes it lot faster for me to get to more sites – copy and paste and I’m gone.  Now what I have been doing it breaking this huge file down into smaller ones.  I have one that is called text links – now this is my cheat sheet where you need just a one-liner and your URL – example Internet Marketing Made Easier For You – Free Report

So with all them in one cheat sheet, I can just copy, paste, copy paste, copy paste and off to another site.  This is great is you are on lot of text ad sites and I also use that for a quick Tweet on Twitter.  The other site that this works well is the LiiveLinkCafe.  A few minutes and I have what I want to promote done – just copy and paste and this is one that I have on my daily schedule and Metapad has sure made my life alot easier to get this one done.

Another cheat sheet that I made it a banner one and this is mainly for my paid to click sites – I have the goto URL (website, splash page, squeeze page, etc.) and then the image URL and it’s just easy then – open up multiple sites (which I also do) and then add them all at one time.  Now don’t forget on this cheat sheet – add both your 468 and 125 banner URLs.

Now the other cheat sheet that is a lifesaver for me is the one that I named codes.   This is the one that I have the full code for promoting with – and this is great on text ad sites and the list building sites, great for when you want to add it to a post or anywhere you need the HTML code for it to be seen.  I use this alot on the Ning social sites that I’m in also.  Now if you are wondering what I mean by codes – it looks like this <a href=”″ target=”_blank”><div style=”text-align: center”><img src=”×280.gif” border=”0″ alt=”” width=”326″ height=”280″ /></div></a> – now this is what that code will put in my solos that I send out or where ever I use the code


So you can see how time saving this is for me – as I can go to multiple text ad sites as you can post an average of 5 of these a day – so what I do is open up multiple sites that I’m on again, add and save them and then again on my daily schedule – I go and repost them daily.  I also do the same thing with solo emails that I send out on these sites – copy, paste, send and off to the next one.

I hope this has given you some helpful tips on how using Metapad is so wonderful – now if you are interesting in this FREE tool – here is where you go Download Metapad here

10 thoughts on “Metapad has sure made my life alot easier

  1. Hi there Nancy, Thankl you for this good information. I have downloaded and will also be giving it a try. It sure seems as if it will be very useful. You have some good info there for your short cuts as well will be checking into that. My we do seem to get more nusy as time goes on do we not.


    • Oh I agree Kevan – it seems the more I do the more I want to do and the more I want to do the more I have to find things that let me work faster as there is only still 24 hours in a day and I really do sleep lololol

  2. Heyyyy! Thank you for new information! I have to look into this new stuff! You always amaze me at coming up with wonderful new ways to make things work!

  3. That is a great tool and a way to be organized and time saver.
    . I have all my ads in a folder on my desktop and I use a spreadsheet for my url’s and they are clickable.
    Your way seems to be better.
    I will check it out.
    Thanks for the tip.

    • Yea I use to do that also Ralph and this seem so much faster for me and now I have them all in my favorites in Metapad and they are much handier for me

  4. Man Nancy! That is all I can say. I mean this Meta Pad is something that i have wanted forever for no other reason than that with Note Pad, your links are not clickable. But all of the other applications you have shared is absolutly wonderful!!!! What a time saver. As always….Thank You!

    • Yep exactly – loved notepad but with having all my cheat sheets – I hated that the links were not clickable – yeahhhhhhhhhhhh we going to click, click, click now 🙂

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