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If you are the author of  your own blog post, article, etc. then you have some control.  What I have been seeing is comments that are left to others – like on facebook and some of the other social sites.  And for heaven’s sake – don’t be putting a picture of you on there that you will regret later down the road.

Unfortunately, I see this with many young and old people even – and I talking to the parents and grandparents that put their nude kids baby pictures on here.  I have one question for you – when that nude baby of yours gets married someday and they have kids of their own – is this something that you are going to want them to see – their mom and dad all over for the whole world to see.

See back in our days, we shared pictures with close friends and then those pictures were  put away and not seen all over the world day after day.  The reason that I bringing this up is that I was chatting with a young gal the other day and it was heart-breaking to hear all the crap she had gone thru because of this – the sad thing is that even tho the family member had taken the pictures down – they had gone viral and were everywhere.

AND while I’m on this got a few more rants here – all you young people that think it’s cool showing how drunk you got at your last party or the other cute things that you are posting for the world to see – it maybe cute now BUT think about it – someday you will be older with kids of your own, and your kids will have kids – is this something you want them seeing?

I know it’s easy to get carried away in the moment as I have seen some pretty bad things also said in comments about others – just keep in mind those comments are there to stay FOREVER.  Forever is a long time – so please think before writing, think before posting, think before commenting, think before adding that picture …………….is what you are putting on here going to hurt someone you love someday??????????  THINK, THINK, THINK

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    • Oh I agree Susie – there is a reason for the saying – bite your tongue and think before you speak lol

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with what you are saying. Some of the comments and posting I see on social networks are not even worth giving a second thought too. I wonder do people really believe that what they write as a post only gets seen by their friends. If they only knew how viral all their posts are, would it make a difference? Would they be more careful of what they write?

    Thanks for the great post.

    Donna Meyer

    Skype: dgm47dgm

  2. Hi there Nancy, yes I agree with you there, those pictures will one day come back and bite you as we say.
    Not a good thing to do at all. Like wise yes, try to remember also to read through what you are going to
    post before you press that button.

    Kevan recently posted..Catching up

  3. You are so right Nancy. I have seen a lot of churches starting to offer counseling and classes on how to stay safe and maintain a good reputation on the social networks.

  4. We who are Leaders; should be living examples for others to follow. If everyone would ask this question before posting anything; I believe we would see a major improvement. WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?

    • That’s a good one – reminds me of my aunt – and how she always made her bed every morning the minute she got up and I asked her one day – why even when she’s running late and her answer was – what if Jesus came for a visit – would not want him to see an unmade bed lololol

  5. Nancy,

    Great advice! I think it should be a golden rule or something like that! Thank you for point this out as if people should not already know….but you know???? We sometimes need things just said….lol.

    Thanks again for caring,

    • well you know me enough by now that I tell it like it is and some don’t like it but you know I have gotten to the point in my life that it don’t bother me anymore – that’s just life and the life keep going and you can’t please everyone and I’m sure not one to sugar coat things

    • Oh I remember learning that also – I wish people would practice that with saying something positive also – and I have gotten to the point that I even tell some – if you can’t say something positive – then I don’t want to hear all your negatives either

  6. I constantly see people posting their drunk party pictures on Facebook. Facebook is a business tool for me I share what is going on in my life but I also use it to funel people to my site and speak with them about my business. I can’t be posting images of people falling down drunk or other things of that nature because I would be damaging my business image.

  7. Great advice and so very true Nancy. People really need to think about how these types of things wil effect their future. Thank you so much for sharing Nancy. This is a needed subject for everyone.

    • Thanks Tammie and these young people don’t realize that this stuff is going to follow them for long time – someday their kids will run across it – they will be sorry then

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