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Well as most of you know I had been experiencing server problems and that is why my blog was down for awhile and let me tell you I got an education on the techie side of things that I really was not looking for.  So I thought I’d share a few things that I found out why finding a good hosting site is so important.

Years ago, I started out with one of the free blogging sites and yea like most of you did not read the terms very close as I was just excited about getting my first post done.  Well after about 1.5 years of writing posts, getting followers – I woke up one day to find out that it was all gone – no notice – just shut down.

So any of you that are blogging on a free source, go read the  terms as these sites are designed to give people a way of blogging about non-business related things.  You are not allowed to post about anything that could possibly earn you money – and sooner or later they will catch you.  Most of the time how they catch you is someone reports you and with one click you are gone, shut down and no you don’t get a 2nd chance.

Well anyway after this happened to me – I went and got my own domain at Godaddy and while I was there saw what I thought was a deal at the time and signed up for a 5 – year plan on their hosting.  Well, it has been so – so up till recently and some of you have seen that my blog had been loading slow, sometimes it was hard to leave comments, etc.

For weeks I called Godaddy support (and the one things that irritated me is that their support number was not even toll free) and they kept checking thing and we’d try this and that.  They suggest that with the size that my blog was getting that there was a plugin they suggested that on my end would help optimize it better.

I installed this plugin and it would be better for a day of two and then same ole thing.  Well got up one day and tried to login to do a post and all I got was a white page grrrrrrrrrrrr – called support again and they said that they had done a patch on their server for the wp blogs and that as soon as I uploaded the upgrade my blog would be back up and going.

That is when the nitemare started – for some reason I (haha) was the only having issues with uploading this update – so again after many calls to support and 4 days of trying to add the update and then rolling back and trying again and rolling back and trying again – I had enough.

Now here is the good out of all this frustration – with all the sites I have I should have done this ages ago – but I now have my own and all my sites on one hosting site and they were so awesome to work with and answered any questions I had and walked me thru moving all them.

The lessons behind this post is that even as much as you try to make the right decisions with your business – it may not show up right away that it was not and the key is to not let situations like this get you to the point of throwing in the towel (and that did cross my mind but too stubborn for that lol) never, never give up – these bumps are just part of your journey.

What you do is look deep enough and find the good – the positive (getting my own server) out of these bumps and then move on.  Once again I will give you my favorite quotes – “It’s not what happens that really matters, but how you handle it will make all the difference.

24 thoughts on “Server Problems

  1. great post Nancy i can see why that would made you mad i often find that my pc has trouble way to often too thanks for the info i think one probably should go get what you did and do it right from the start
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  2. Hi there Nancy, yes great post and that is what my son and I did also. We are a resell site and of course got our own now as we had loads of problems. Mind some was our falut as we did not go the free way to start but very cheap. Which is almost the same. But now we are in a much better place. Plus have had things sorted out for us with the hour really if there has been problems. The troubles were really our fault as we did not know what to do. So thank goodness all is well. Yes for sure great post and better to check right at the start.

    skype: kevan.brock

    • Yea I know but just wasn’t expecting to have to learn some techie stuff – knew I needed to do it – so this kinda made me do it sooner

  3. Hey Nancy,

    What you say is very correct, important for all in our arena, and something everyone to take notice of. Fortunetly for me I listened to others and stopped the direction I was going with hosted sites and it has provided me with one less worry of losing everything that I put a lot of time into doing and then have it be gone in a flash.

    Thanks Again,

    Rusty McMillen
    Mentor & Attraction
    Marketing Strategist
    Associate Certified Coach
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  4. Great post Nancy. Your turning into quite the writer…lololol
    I happened to see what types of problems you were having when you shared your screen with me and I was quite shocked to see such poor tech support from Godaddy. I am very happy that you made the decision to change hosts because we can now see your blog and make comments again. Whoooohoooo!!! Thanks


    • Thanks Dave – you sure have been a life saver for me and nice having you watching over my shoulder catching the things I miss lol

  5. Thanks for sharing a very important consideration for any aspiring or seasoned Internet Communicator.
    Several factors should be addressed when looking for a service provider.

    1. Accessibility in person, live, on the phone with support, talking to someone who speaks and understands your native tongue.
    2. How many sites are sharing, or should you chose dedicated site.
    3. Amount of Bandwidth available for both storage and downloading.

    A businessperson does not ask “cost”, but rather the return on investment and also the price paid does not always reflect the VALUE of the service.

    My providers, yes I use more than one, offer fantastic service, in some case 24/7 on the phone and I am not paying huge sums annually per service.

    I am interviewing the owner of one of my hosting sites to provide REAL knowledge. Will share the mp3 when completed.

    How much are most of your readers paying for service?

    • Yes awesome things to consider Chuck and I have that type of service now – it’s awesome but thanks for sharing

  6. Girl, I’m so sorry you had to go through the inconvenience and all of that frustration. With the popularity and the following you have, I can only imagine how you felt. But I’m so very glad for you that all is well. I’ve learned a very important lesson here. Never put all you eggs in one basket, and if you do, make sure you put them in YOUR OWN basket. Wonderful post!

    • Oh that is a great or wording things Never put all you eggs in one basket, and if you do, make sure you put them in YOUR OWN basket.

  7. Wow! Once again I get to learn some vital information extremely beneficial to my own success. I’ve said it before; but I will continue to say it….Nancy! You are a Blessing Sent from God!!

  8. Hi Nancy,
    It might have been worth looking at my new site to give you a few pointers in the right direction on web hosting.
    Take a look and see what you think.
    When you read one of the articles I would appreciate it if you left a comment.

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  9. Wow Nancy,

    You are such an inspiration, amazingly what motivation and insight you show all of us. It proves to us if we keep the positive note no matter what bumps in the road we can accomplish it.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Susie Moore
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  10. There is not much I can add to what everyone else has said but GLAD TO SEE YOU BACK ON THE GRID!

    @Chuck Bartok $9.95 per month unlimited – great service – 24/7 phone support in my native tongue.

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