Get paid to view websites

I find it interesting to learn that people did not realize that there are sites out there that pay you to view websites – so I’m going to tell you about a new site that you get paid to view websites.

Most of you know that there are lot of sites out there that do this – in fact I own 9 of them myself but I want to tell you about a new one that hasn’t been opened that long and I can tell you that this site really pays. See you have to be careful with these sites as some will promise to pay you and then you may only get .00025 for each one you view – well you do the math – that would take someone a long time to even make a dime or quarter.

There are some things about this site that impresses me – it’s different than most of them out there. One the launch was awesome and they are up over 42,000 members already and that was just in a month – that is every site owners dream.

The other thing that impressed me was that I have many friends and all the people that I’m hearing from that they made enough for payout already as usually the payout is so high on these sites that it takes forever to reach them – Earnings will be determined by a number of factors including:

• Your level of participation (Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum)
• The number of ads you click each day.
• The number of ads your referrals (if any) click each day.
• The current rate of payout for each ad.

Your account balance will be credited each time you click an ad. When your account balance reaches at least $2.00, you can request a payout to one of our available online processors. Now you are thinking that is not much money – but I look at it this way – that would buy me a new domain lol

If you are like me and save your change in a jug and then when you want to treat yourself to something special – well I go and cash in my change at the bank – it’s amazing how fast that adds up. This is how I see these get paid to view websites.

If you are interested – just click on the banner – join and start saving your change today.

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