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I want to tell you about a book that a friend of mine wrote and it’s not the normal book that you would expect to see or read – she wrote this for her son that took his life on January 16, 2007. Daniel wanted everyone to know not to waste your opportunity to live – he want you to choose to live.

When I first saw this video, I have to say that it gave me goose bumps listening to his story and why he wanted this book to be written – and I have to say that when I downloaded I just kept reading and reading. Any of you know me – reading puts me to sleep but not this one.Β 

The lessons in this story are just awesome and I hope that everyone gets a chance to read this book. If you want to learn about the real you – you have to read this book. I love the part when he speaks of taking your mind off what you are lacking and focus on what you have – so many people that I meet in life that is really they all know how to do – whine about what they don’t have instead of looking at what they do.

Another thing that I love was when he said that everyone is on this planet for a reason, find yours. You know that really made me think that it took me 50 some years to find my reason and it’s helping others – I feel so blessed that I have that opportunity, what is your reason? Did you find it yet?

You are also going to learn how to eat an elephant – that was just a great analogy and so true. Are you trying to save the save the world, then you need to read this book. Do you pay attention to how you breathe, then you need to read this book. That chapter was an eye-opener.

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  1. We often lean from apparent tragedies in our lives. I’m so blessed that I have friends like Nancy that gives examples of using examples of life to make our lives more prosperous and helping us find niches. have found numerous niches by reading Nancy’s blog. Now to document them and develop them and apply (that is: document by blogging). Thank You God for putting Nancy and her friends in my life.

    • Ahhhhhhhhh thanks Patsy – that is the best compliment that a blogger can get – as least for me – to know that I have help at least one person πŸ™‚

  2. Nancy, your post is very greatly needed in our society today. Especially the part that says “so many people that I meet in life that is really they all know how to do – whine about what they don’t have instead of looking at what they do.”

    I really enjoyed this post and hope to be able to buy the book in the near future, as I think it would be helpful to me.

    Donna Meyer

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    • Thanks Donna and I agree – we have so much to be thankful for but some just don’t see it when it’s right in front of them

  3. Thanks Nancy for pointing us to this Volume of Treasure.
    The more we can focus on Whose Image and Likeness we were born to, the quicker we can realize the Power Within.

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    • Oh I agree Rusty – we sure do and often are whining so much that we don’t even see the blessing that God has given us

  4. Thank you for the great share on your posting.
    Yes there is as we can see many lessons for us all.
    The big question is do we learn, and if not why no.
    I am sure that your post like most of the ones you
    put out for us will be a great help to a lot of people.


    • Oh I’m hoping Kevan and this book touch me as I hear of so many young people taking the route and am hoping that this book will help someone NOT to that that path.

  5. Thank you Nancy for bringing awareness to this subject…so many times we are only on remote control. And never truly living..only existing, just hoping to get through another day. The book sounds amazing. Living life and living it more abundantly is what the word says we should be doing. I wonder what we would do …if today was going to be our last day on earth.

  6. Wow, wonderful Nancy, sometimes we have to look and around to see the wonder and splendor and beauty that is expressed thru the characters around us like yourself to understand that everyone is here for a reason on this earth. I am so thankful to coming to know you for one thing, you have blessed me greatly with your encouragement, your smiles you send our ways and your giving of yourself. I cant wait to read this , if we step back and see what would life be if we wasnt around we would see how we affected so many people in our lives.

    Thanks for sharing

    Susie Moore
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    • Ahhhhhh thanks Susie and I feel the same way – we do have some great chats together and have so much in common

  7. Thank you for sharing this Nancy! I am reminded of a series my pastor preached from a study called one month to live. It caused us to consider how we would spend our time if we knew we had precious few days left, and challenged us to start living that way now, because you never really know how much time you have left.

  8. What a beautiful post! My heart cries out for this mother and for Daniel! I can actually relate to the torture that this young boy’s mind was putting him through to bring him to the decision he chose to make. I can also speak from experience when I say: “SUISCIDE IS NEVER THE ANSWER!” We need to Live each day…and Love life… as if it is the last day of our life. I think the song One Day At A Time!

  9. Thanks Nancy for reminding me. I meant to download the book and got caught up in life. I think I need to follow Linda’s advise and start a list of tasks. At any rate, thank you so much for this review that sheds light on such a tragic circumstance.

    Carol, thank you for the courage in honoring you Sons life through your book so that his death will not have been in vain. Going to download it now!

  10. WOW!!!!!! I have to agree with everything everyone else has stated here Nancy. This is a subject that is too close to my heart and I just want to thank you for sharing it with us. I also want to thank Carol for sharing.This will help many others if we can get it out there to them. God bless you both.

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