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This is probably one of the most asked questions that I get – how do you get traffic to your blog – most think that they can just put up a blog with the right keywords and you are going to get traffic galore – well I’m here to tell you it’s not that easy.

In this post, I’m going to share a few tips to increase blog traffic that I’m using and is working for me and they really are not that hard to do – you just have to be consistent in doing these things.  Hope some of these tips will help you to get a better routine down with your blogging – especially if you are serious about your blog and know why you are blogging.

After learning how to do keyword research, coming up with ideas started getting easier for me as I just listened to what others were having problems with – made a note of it on my tablet and then at the end of the week – I had a list of content to start my keyword research with.

What I have found very helpful for me as in the beginning I found myself getting long winded and people were not wanting to read a book when they came here – they want to read a post, learn something and then hopefully go apply what they learned.  So how I broke myself of being so long winded was I sat down and made myself write 5 blog post so that I could schedule them to come out every other day – to actually help me with time management also.

I actually think it was the pressure of doing that many at one time keeps you focused – teaches you to stay on target and get to the point so that you can get to the next post.  So that is what I have been doing and then I just schedule them to come out every other day and that frees up time for me during the week to get other things done.  Google loves fresh content and my Alexia ranking has been getting better and better each week.

The other thing I do is to make sure that I ping each post and then I also go thru all the social buttons and make sure that I tweet it, digg it, stumbled it, etc.  Then I go to facebook and I add my link to the blogging groups – now you can’t just go and add yours and not visit others – that will not work.  You have to be willing to comment on others also and to me that is great as that just gives me more backlinks.

Speaking of backlinks – I also use Google Alerts and have alerts set up so that I can comment on others blogs with the same keywords that I’m interested in.  Do others flock to yours right away – no – it takes time to show people that you are serious with your comments and keep that picture out there.

Most of you know from previous post that I enjoy the Ning social sites (click here to see mine) – and I use them as they rank good with Google and it’s an excellent way to let others see your post.  What I like about them is the RSS feed on your profile page – if you click on that and add your blog post – you can have your last 5 titles show or like I do the last 3 post.  The reason that I like doing that is that they get to read the beginning of my last 3 and to finish they have to come to my blog.

The newest place that I have found which I am really enjoying and is strictly for bloggers is and what is this – well it’s a site just for bloggers to come and share ideas, tips, their blogs with other bloggers – you can message others and the best part about this is that there is every niche that you can think of being blogged about.  There are even bloggers that just like to blog period and really don’t have a niche – just do it for fun.  BUT the best part about this is what I am learning from people that have been blogging alot longer than me.

These tips to increase your blog traffic will only work if you do them – I know it looks like alot but once you get it down and keep doing it – it really goes quicker than you think.

14 thoughts on “Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

  1. great post Nancy,

    Thanks for your pack full of information. This is so helpful to receive tipsto help you increase traffic. From Google alerts to Keyword research, it all goes hand in hand in trying to increase traffic. I need to apply these google allerts, I dont believe I set that up yet.

    Thanks again,

    Susie Moore
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    • Nice to see you again my tribal friend – and I really am enjoying the new people I’m meeting on Bloggers – I really think you will enjoy it also

  2. Blown away yet again Nancy! We really need to apply these tips as well, especially the one about getting into a better routine with blogging. That’s a great tip to sit down and make yourself do more than one at a time in order to free up more time for other things. Thanks for sharing your wisdom and lil’ golden nuggets with the masses! You rock!
    Brian and Felicia White recently posted..Our Work From Home Journey Part 1- Your World Delivered!

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