Take Care of Yourself First

You know when I first started online and didn’t really know what I was doing – most know that I started off in Ebay and made ok there – nothing to brag about – so you start to expand out.  Some of the first webinars that I attended all I heard about was a list – you have to build a list – the money is in your list.

Well, I sure wish I had got that into my head sooner but what they didn’t explain was that you don’t just need a list – you need a targeted list – a list of buyers that are willing to buy from you.  A list – well I thought that was useful info and at the time did not realize that everything about your business revolves around that “list” and that you have to take care of yourself first.

Then what happened is I joined some affiliate programs and started getting referrals – wooooooohoooooooo I’m building my “list” and this is going great and I really thought this is not bad.  Well, I started learning to promote all over at the time just by talking to some friends and listening to what they were doing instead of doing my homework and researching about list building.

As time went on, my “list” grew and I was just thrilled – and a little money was coming in from the commissions that I was earning from the affiliate sites.  So I’m thinking to myself – this may take some time but I can do this and I was off and running.  To my surprise one day, I got to the computer – went to sign in to the site where I had been doing so well at and was going to check my referrals to see how many I had as I was averaging a few each day – the site didn’t come up.

Well, dummy me didn’t think anything and just figure that they had some problems with their server and I’d check back later.  Later came and still nothing – and to tell you how uneducated at the time I was – after mentioning this to a friend and they tried – I was quite surprised when he came back and said that the domain can’t be found.  Well that part I knew as I had seen the message – but I thought that was server issues – I didn’t realize that overnite the owner took the site down and was gone.

Oh my and all my referrals gone, my list of people that I had spent hours and days accumulating – GONE  Talking about a knock the wind out of me – oh my what am I going to do now and oh crap attitude that was boiling.  That my friend is when my friend gave me the quote that you hear me repeat so much – It’s not what happens that really matters but how you handle it will make all the difference

So anyone that is just starting on your “list” take the extra time to make sure that’s it YOUR list and that you have control of the people that you are getting.  This is why you will see people asking for your name and email addy for a free report, for more info, for their secret, etc. – they are making sure that YOU will be on their list that will be there to continue to receive maybe another report, more info, more of their secrets and yes maybe get a super deal on a launch of their product.

But always remember, take care of yourself first when you are building your list – don’t rely on an some affiliate program or any other source that YOU don’t have control over.

20 thoughts on “Take Care of Yourself First

  1. That my friend was and for that matter still is a very good point you are making there.
    As well as helping others we have to make sure we also look after our selves.

    My son has the answer to comp problems if they happen. He says after trying to
    fix it for an hour and it soes not work. Best to flatten the HD and start again.

    Now of course I have done that many times also. But that does not help you
    to keep your list safe. So you must remember to make a back up. Now the other thing you
    have to remember is where you have put that back up. As I still have not found mine. 🙂

    Kevan recently posted..Part 3 of the Daffodil Principle

    • Thanks Kevan and am so sorry that you have been having some back luck and do wish you the best and hope you find your contact list

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with your statement when you are building your list “– don’t rely on an some affiliate program or any other source that YOU don’t have control over.”

    It is so easy to get caught up in the excitement of the moment, and then too late realize that you lost it all because you were not in control.

    Very good advice.

    Donna Meyer

    Skype: dgm47dgm
    Donna Meyer recently posted..Creating Success

    • Thanks Donna and you are right – you can get so excited about getting your referrals that you forget they are on somebody’s else site

  3. HI Nancy,

    Excellent post. How amazing we are to learn so many different things in so many areas. Concerning your referrals, you never know what happens one day to the next just like on all other scales we see one day we have them the next they;re gone, especially as it was shown its on someone else sites. Its totally good to take the time to get your referrals emails addresses and copy it somewhere, although its also known that you on some areas, they wont give you access to their emails.

    Thanks again for a great post

    Susie Moore
    skype smsforce
    susie moore recently posted..Are Negative Reviews Helpful

  4. You did it again Nancy! Awesome information and no truer words could have been said. Unfortunately, there are rascals on the world wide web that only care about themselves and what they can get from you. I also learned this lesson the hard way. It is important to have YOUR OWN list and not build it for someone else. Thank you as always for a very informative post.

  5. Nancy,

    I am smiling as I read this, I am so proud of the distance you have come. It shows in your writing and your sharing. You my friend are on a journey and that journey is leading you exactly where you are supposed to be going.

    BRAVO, Ms. Nancy and thanks for sharing that with the world.

    Kris recently posted..I Can’t Do It

    • Well thanks Kris and I really appreciate that as if The Leaders Role had not given me the nudge that I needed – even tho I did resist on most things and still am camera shy – but working on that lololololol Thanks for the help

  6. I am in total agreement with Kris – I have watched you come so far, so fast – it is just a blur! There are a lot of people trying to make it in network marketing doing the busy work and not evaluating if there is real value in the way they spend their time. You open their eyes to see where to put their effort and where not to! You are priceless girl.

    • Wow so blushing here and thanks – I guess determination is the key here and I am determine and believe me I have been knock down alot but the key is to get back one more time than you are knocked down 🙂

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