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No I didn’t lose my mind – this came about tonight as you all know that I love using Google Alerts – well have you ever added your name, your website, your report, your blog in there and see what others are seeing.  I have always Google myself once in awhile just to see what others are seeing BUT this makes it lot easier as it comes to your email immediately.

If you have not tried Google Alerts yet then go and set this up and give it a try.   Now you don’t have to set up alot of alerts to research  yourself  and you are wondering why in the world would I want to read about myself.  Well what better way to find out if you are putting the right image out on the net that you are wanting for one and the other – it’s a great TEST to see if you what you are doing is really getting out there.

I know you are thinking that the minute that you hit send, publish, etc – haven’t you ever been curious how fast it shows up on Google – I know I have.  Well I have to say that it’s amazing how fast things to show up and even more amazing how quick that you are sent the alerts.

This last week, just out of curiosity – I set up Google Alerts with my name and my blog name as I wanted to see what would pop up in the alerts and I have to say that I was shocked.  This is a great way to see what you did for the day also – sure was an eye-opener for me.

Each day I have a routine of things that I do (or at least try to do) and then when I have them done then I add some of the weekly things that I do – and the one that I have been working on is writing more blog post – on as many sites that I can and then also using my alerts to post on other’s blogs that are in my niche.

Now what I did was set them up to be delivered daily and what a wow.  This has not only showed me that my stuff is getting out there but also showed me just what I’m getting done in a day.  Now I understand why I go to bed exhausted lol  It’s also been interesting how ofter your name is mentioned by someone else – yea that shows up also

Well, I know you are curious now – so go ahead go to Google Alerts and put in your name and your blog name and wait till you see what happens.  Now don’t do that and go on vacation for a day or two – you do have to be doing something lolololol

So how many are going to go and research yourself?

26 thoughts on “Research Yourself

  1. Nancy,

    Another post with Great & Useful information. I subscribe to Google Alerts, in my areas of interest, and like you, get them daily. They can be very overwhelming at times, but had never thought of doing it on myself! What an awesome tip!!!

    Rusty McMillen
    Mentor & Attraction
    Marketing Strategist
    Skype: la2thtp

    • Oh I agree Rusty – then you have to narrow down your Alerts as you go – if your Alert is not bringing you what you are looking for then delete it and tweet it till you are getting the results that you are looking for – I’m constantly changing mine

    • Well I had that at the beginning – are you using your name as a keyword? I know that sounded crazy to me in the beginning but you really need to start doing that and in no time you will see that turn around.

      • Nancy, I tried my name as a keyword, tried my websites, tried a couple of usernames that I use. There was only one I got a response from and that only had 5 entries on it. Most of the time places will not let me use my name as it is always in use. I have used a nickname in the past but it didn’t bring anything up either.

        Donna Meyer

        Skype: dgm47dgm
        Donna Meyer recently posted..Creating Success

        • Well Donna – I know if you have a common name or many people with the same name that is very hard but this gives you an idea on how hard it would be for someone to find you and your coaching based on your name. With a little imagination, I’m sure that you will come up with a solution and if you need some help let me know – don’t forget to use your name, nicknames, blog name in your keywords also

  2. Hey Nancy, it great to find out new information springing up all the time. Even more to know what is said about you on the internet. This is especially great to keep up with what comments are being said.

    Thanks again,

    Susie Moore
    skype smsforce
    susie moore recently posted..Counter Attack

    • Thanks Susie – I found it very interesting test and was nice to learn that there has been a few that I have helped along the way – that is very rewarding

    • Thanks Kris – well I did it as test but found out that is was a real eye-opener for me – as I could really see what others are seeing

  3. I tried Googling my name before but do you know that there are so many Ken Thompson’s out there, its the 17th most common. You actually have to add beachbody behind my name to get results that involve me.

    • Well that is good point that you made here – that is what everyone else is seeing also but do they know to add beachbody – I would try and work on adding a nickname maybe – middle initial – something that is going to make YOU stand out from all the others. Just my opinion

  4. Man Nancy, you just keep coming up with better and better info. I never thought about doing an alert on myself or my blog…I can’t wait to set it up to see exactly what others are seeing. KUDO’S again!

    • Oh you are sweet and think you will be surprised – gave me a idea of what others were seeing and where to tweak things

  5. Super advice Nancy!

    For Donna:
    You may want to start using a derivative of your name, example First name, Middle Initial Last name..First Initial, Middle Name Last Name..

    Use this in all posting on the net and you may find less competition.

    I agree with everyone. Google alerts is first order of business in the AM, focusing on BLOGS with my 10 major Niche interests. Allow quick review and then comment

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