Can Affiliate Marketing Free You From Your Job

This is a question that I run into quite a bit and you know me here is my 2 cents – you may or maynot like what you are going to hear – remember this is only my opinion.  Can affiliate marketing free you from your job – well the answer is yes and no and I’m going to explain what I mean.

With the internet being here to stay and more and more people turning to the net for that magic product or magic button that is going to make them loads of money without working – your answer is NO affiliate marketing will not free you from your job and with that mindset you better keep your job.

On the other hand, if you are willing to work hard, do your research, get your training on your product that you are going to become an affiliate with – then the answer is yes BUT don’t quit your job so fast.  This is where alot of people make their mistake and just jump into this so blindly.

Creating unique content and being the stand out  for your affiliate marketing techniques  should be geared toward long-term traffic through search engine optimization.  That is one of the reasons that learning keyword research is so important.  Don’t flood your site with keywords – keep it simple.

Just because these bots roam around your site, make it easy for them to know what you are talking about, what your site is about, if you make things too confusing for them – they are just going to move on and find something that is not as confusing.  I have been seeing people doing awesome writing and spend hours doing so but not once have they done any keyword research and that is such a waste of their time and effort.

So for all of you out there that are asking can affiliate marketing free you from your job – I have this free report that a friend of mine wrote and would love to share with you – she has done her homework, very well written and worth the time to read – because this will give you your answers NOW – Don’t miss this free offer – click here and download your report NOW – you won’t regret this one. 

22 thoughts on “Can Affiliate Marketing Free You From Your Job

  1. Nancy,

    You are spot on with this post, you have to be willing to work hard to make a good living from affiliate marketing and there are no get rich plans out there that are magically going to make you a pile of cash. With some good keyword research and a lot of hard work you can definitely make some good money with affiliate marketing.



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  2. Again a wonderful post Nancy. most people think that once they sign up for affiliated marketing they can quit their jobs that day. In truth it doesn’t work like that it takes hard work to build any business. I’ll download you Ebook because you obviously have a lot more to say on the subject.

  3. as i have found out by some of the people who started to market there stuff that they have a hard time but as they put in more and more time and work in to what they do i see them start to make some money great post nancy good job as ever your friend robert

  4. Nancy, this is a great post and so on target. I know from all my years online everyday people come online to find that ”golden opportunity” to make them rich without making any effort. Before they even get started, other ”hawks” swoop in and fly away in the wrong direction.

    With the right guidance and education, yes, you can make a great living online – bu don’t quit your day job so quickly.
    Keep up the good work.

    Skype me = cashqueenkc

    • Thanks Karen and love your part about hawks swooping in and fly them away in the wrong direction – that is great analogy

    • thanks Linda and sometimes people have a hard time with the truth but that just me and what you will get

    • Oh I agree – you can have all the training and know-how but if you don’t take action, it’s not worth anything

  5. Outstanding post Nancy,

    You are always out front with some fantastic information. One always come from you site with a pack of information to take with them. This particular post gives everything the info needed to inform them whats involved in affliate marketing.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Susie Moore
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  6. Honesty and integrity is your character Nancy. I can always count on you to offer outstanding information that is going to help, not hinder. Thank you. Downloading the info now!

  7. Nancy, you are absolutely right! Yes, affiliate marketing can be profitable… but it is only a part of your overall profit and content sharing strategy. I think when it comes to business blogging and blogging for profits, its really easy for anyone to just jump right on the affiliate marketing band-wagon.. This strategy, when used alone with no guidance, or plan for content, or knowing the best ways to market with out appearing like a salesy-needy, blog owner hurts many newbies.

    Congrats on getting a new report ready for the market. This is a topic that must be conquered. Honestly, after being an affiliate marketer, and then developing my own products and services.. I have found there is greater reward when you can offer your own products and services. However, complimentary affiliate products sweeten the pot and add more value to your community.

    Life is great!

    • Thanks Sye and you are so right and yes the greater reward is offering your own products and services but so many just don’t have a clue where to start or even how to do it properly to earn money – I run into so many people that are program hoppers and keeping spending more money than they make and that just breaks my heart. Thanks for such a wonderful comment and hope that you visit again.

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