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Yea that is what I thought when a friend of mine told me about this but until he showed me how great this works – well here I am typing up a storm – and look ma – no fingers needed hehe  That is what voice recognition typing is – the only thing is that I have not figured out yet is how to get it to type on my blog – but it does type in a notepad and then I just copy and paste to my blog.

Where do you find this wonderful tool that will save you time – yes time as it types lot faster than most and can spell correctly – well most of the time as long as you speak clearly.  It really has not gotten use to my hillbilly language yet but is getting better as I keep using it.

If you have Vista or Window 7, then you already have this lovely tool and all you have to do is go to start and type in voice recognition and it will pop up for you.  There is a tutorial that you can go thru showing you the commands and there are many.

I was even playing around with it last night on Skype and it got to the point that I could just say a person in my contact list name and it would take me to that screen and then send message and that put the cursor in their screen and I just chatted away and it typed what I said (90%) of the time lol.

So either this thing is going to learn my way of speaking OR going to teach me to talk more clearly – which both will be a great thing.  Even with all the mistakes that it did make, it was still quicker to speak out what I wanted to say and then go back and edit what it did not understand.

If you are not fast on the keyboard, have a hard time spelling, or just don’t like typing – well then this would be an awesome tool for you to try out.  Even if you type fast, this types lot faster and it’s amazing at how well you can say a complete sentence and all of a sudden it’s there – really is addicting.

It’s like having your own personal secretary – remember back when people used shorthand (showing my age here now) and how fast a secretary could take down a letter that you were dictating – well welcome to future.  This not only types what you say but you have a typed copy instantly.

Even tho I have not learned all the commands and going back to making corrections are one – it’s still saves me time.  My thoughts are written down and all I have to do is some minor editing – wooooooohoooooooo  I had to type that – it didn’t understand that one lol (or that one)

For everyone that does not have Vista or Window 7 yet, well I did look on Google and found this

Here is a free one for Windows XP  http://www.e-speaking.com/

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Voice recognition software. You talk, it types. 99 % accurate. www.Nuance.com

So for all of you that have complained about Vista and Windows 7, well I for one am glad that I have it when I see the prices on this software.  Remember I have always said that there is a positive out of everything and I guess this is one of the positives of Vista and Windows 7.

12 thoughts on “Voice Recognition Typing

  1. Thanks Nancy, for the information, it would/will make the job easier for “Old Guys” like me! I remember getting Dragons first version, many years ago, it worked fairly well once you went thru the long “teaching” curve. So glad it is sooo much easier to use now!!!

    • Yea I know Rusty – sometimes our old brains fight all this new techie stuff but we are from the old school to not give up either

  2. Boy, talk about a solution for everything! This is everyone’s new best friend, especially when it comes to writing and such – how many people do you know that are eloquent speakers, yet can’t write for a darn??

    Thanks for sharing – this sounds pretty darn cool! 🙂

    Skype: BeliefConcepts

  3. Wow! That is too cool! Modern technology just amazes us even to this day! Anything that helps with time management is a plus! Thanks for sharing such awesome tools Nancy! You definitely have a servant’s heart. The world needs more like you!

    • Thanks – I hope that all I share helps others to now go thru some of the hard lessons that I have been thru – if I can help just one person – then that makes my day

  4. Hi there Nancy, Well what can I say. I think it is going to be great to at least give it a try. It was going well while trying it out.
    But did not like it much when I used it to try and speak in here. So it would seem I will work well in some places and not so good in others.
    Of course I will have to learn it as well, as I am sure it is my fault more than it’s fault. Hehe 🙂

    Kevan recently posted..Moving forward

    • Well I have been using it on Skype and it’s actually nice just to say each person’s name and it goes to that screen and then I say send message and it puts the cursor in the box and I have found that it don’t understand my hillbilly language sometimes but for the most part works great.

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