Pet Peeves on the Internet

Well, each day I hear so many talking about having pet peeves and so thought I’d write a post on some of the ones that I have been hearing and seeing out there and there is a lesson here – hope you see it and learn from this post.

People who don’t listen when you are talking to them. How many times have you said a few sentences to someone only to have them suddenly say “what did you just say? I wasn’t paying attention.”

When people ask me for advice and do the opposite of what I tell them. Why did they ask to start with??????

You know when you ask someone a simple, straightforward question and they spend ten solid minutes rambling on about everything in the world EXCEPT the answer to your simple, straightforward question? Sound familiar?

PeOpLe WhO tYpE LiKe ThIs. 😀

Being asked my telephone number/account number AFTER I already entered in using the keypad on my phone. I thought I was supposed enter that info to “better assist me”.   Why did I waste my time?????

When people put (sp?) after words when the spell check button is right there in front of them.

Companies that outsource their customer service to India, but then those support reps don’t have full access to all the needed info, so eventually they transfer you back to a manager in the US to deal with it.

Adware, spyware, popups, viruses and other things that download themselves and install automatically and I really believe I have ghost sometimes that enjoy watching this happen

People that interrupt you when your telling a story and then they continue to tell you their story and then ask you in an uninterested tone to continue on with your story when they are finished talking.

When it’s 2am and you’re surfing the nets in silence only to be scared shitless by the sudden sound of “CONGRATULATIONS! YOU’VE BEEN SELECTED TO WIN A FREE…” whatever the consumer electronic device of the moment is.

Animated ads, ads that take up the entire screen, and ads that play audio or music automatically.

Any kind of advertisement that has a video with sound that pops in the middle of the page with the impossible to find “x” to close it.


People who chat online (instant messaging) while I’m on the phone or Skype  with them.  I don’t know about you but I can’t talk and type at the same time lol

“congratulations” “congratulations” “you” “you” “just” “just” “won” “won” “a” “a” “free” “free” “ipod” “ipod” “nano” “nano”

People who tell you “Oh! You have to try this! It’s the best thing ever!”

Trying to get assistance over the telephone, only to be directed to “press this number”, umpteen times.

Last but now Least People who don’t want to learn anything new because they know it all.

Now I did this post for a reason – I was answering some questions in Yahoo answers and read a few of these and so then did some looking and found more pet peeves on the internet.  Now the lesson behind this when you don’t think that the little things matter or you are working online – I thought it was interesting to read what really annoys others – you may find it funny or cute – but do others.

So when working online, keep your comments, your articles, your post, your ad copies business like – these pet peeves could be potential people that you would want to sell to – this shows you that presentation in everything that you do is so important – and yes even online.

25 thoughts on “Pet Peeves on the Internet

  1. Amen! I think you covered all of them LOL. I’ve had my few moments of scared to death by some awful ad that just happens to show up from no where and couldn’t get louder if you hooked up massive speakers used by rock bands!

    Thanks for the share, loved it!

    skype ellen_thorp

  2. This is a good list Nancy. My biggest pet peeve hands down, is the text-type writing such as “u 2” or “4 u” or “wht r u up 2” or even “IDK.”
    The English language is butchered enough on the Internet without adding to the carnage. I know I make the occasional spelling error/type o but there is never any excuse for not at least trying to spell correctly.

    Ken Thompson (BL)
    Ken Thompson recently posted..Salmon and Salad Recipes

    • I understand and sometimes it takes me awhile for all that to sink in – like this one cu l8r and I remember having finally got this one rofl and then someone sent me roflmao and that took me forever to get them lolol

  3. Nancy,

    You really hit a nerve with me with this post. As others have said you have covered a lot of the pet peeves of many of us…on-line or off-line!!! One you did not mention was being interrupted…what makes that person or what they are saying more important than what you were saying or as if you aren’t even there? But the one for my that you did mention was the US companies that outsource thier customer service to India! When you have to call for assistance, they answer the call with “Hi this is Habeeb, but you can call me Bob” First off, if your flippin name is Habeeb, why in the hell should I call you Bob???? And then if that isn’t enough they can’t even speak understandable english and most of the time you (the one calling for assistance) knows more about your problem than they do!!! With the state of our economy here is the United States, this just adds insult to injury!!!

    Thanks for the post.

  4. So many of your pet peeves are mine. Except the one about spelling when I am forced to use IE. When I’m everyplace else, I spellcheck and grammer check. I sometimes choose to use fragments. I sometimes deliberately misspell, like cool is “kewl”. I copied my document to word and will paste it back with spelling corrected.
    Let me see, there are two sides to this post. One is our pet peeves, the other is when we are guilty of this behavior. I’m guilty of second paragraph and this one:
    People who chat online (instant messaging) while I’m on the phone or Skype with them. I don’t know about you but I can’t talk and type at the same time lol
    I was a counselor facilitating group sand had to listen to group members. I’d be teaching a concept and someone would talk to a neighbor, hehe, they never could figure out how I heard them. It’s called multi-tasking. I’ve been a multi-line receptionist. I still catch myself multi-tasking, although I am working on staying focused on one task at a time.

  5. Yes mam, I think you did about get them all.One that really gets me is when there is certain people in the chat rooms or in conferences that talks to others as though they are ignorant or below them. That really bothers me. I have learned to turn my internet sound all the way down when surfing or clicking for credits though. I have fell out of my chair before with those loud crazy people shouting at you in their adds. LOL Thank you for sharing this Nancy. I gives us alot to really think about ……..Blog Love
    Tammie Perry recently posted..Have It In Your Heart

    • I agree Tammie – it was just things that people should be aware so maybe they will think before they speak or type what they put out here on the internet.

  6. I agree completely, what you said, what Tammie said, Ken and Ellen too, and what about the ads that start with the sound of screeching tires makes you about come unglued, and while we are at it if you want me to complete your opt in form, for God’s sake, don’t end your pitch with that cliche “see you on the other side”!
    Lynn “lynnibug” Rios recently posted..The Truth About Taking Risks

    • Oh that is great one Lynn – I really can’t stand being pitch no mater what you have and even if it’s free – let me make my own decision if I want – when I’m ready then I will ask you if I want to know about what you are doing

  7. I think everyone has pretty much said it all. I can relate to a couple of them; especially the one about having a ghost. I don’t know if this is considered to be a pet peeve; but I know it makes me furious: When my stupid curser keeps jumping from place to place; while I am typing, ending up somewhere totally different from where I was originally typing. I guess that’s all I have to say.
    Linda M Davis recently posted..Can Antibiotics Become An Addiction Astounding Truths 4 U!

  8. Nancy, you are spot on. We must not only listen to others but we need to be engaged in the conversation and let the other person know we care. God bless you.

    • Thanks Robert and it has been interesting to listening to all the great comments and find out what are people’s other pet peeves are and has made me more aware of some things.

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