Autoresponders – Why You Need Them

When I first started online, I kept hearing about autoresponders and not until recently did I understand why you need them – this is one of the most important tools I feel that a person can have in their business. An autoresponder is liking have an offline business and no telephone and like the picture shows it keeps the door of communication open to your and your list – that is how important I think they are.

It was not until I wrote my first report that I started to understand the “why” they are a must. It gives you that link that you need to communicate with your list and to build that relationship with them. Also, how in the world do you know who is reading your emails, how do you keep track of what is working for you without some stats on the emails that you are sending out – like how many open the email, how many got your email, which email service is used the most, what links they clicked after they open and the list goes on and on.

And if you are like me and pressed for time – you have heard how people can put their business on auto-pilot – well this is how. You can write your emails and schedule them to get delivered to your list when ever you want – how cool it that. So when you have a busy week coming up or you want to go on vacation, you can simply write up your emails and schedule them to go out while you are away doing what you have to do.

I have to say that this is also a great way to manage your time – as you read in a previous post how important this is – well this is a must for you then. You write your emails and schedule them to go out either in 24 hours, 1 day, 2 days, a week from now. I know some that write their emails for the week and just schedule them and just think how much time that frees them up to do other things.  Personally, I don’t like getting emails daily from a list that I’m on and if I feel that I’m getting too many – I will unsubscribe – the rule of thumb here is to average 2 – 3 a week.

If you are like me – I am not one that just set down and whip out an email, an article, a post – I have to be in the right frame of mind and then they flow pretty good. Well, I’m learning to do that with my blog post and now my emails – so instead of taking the “time” every other day to try and write when my brain is not corporate with me – think of the time that I waste trying to get that email or blog post done.

This is NOT good time management skills – so this has been a real learning experience for me. So now when the mood hits – I just go with the flow and it’s amazing how much a person can really accomplish. Try it the next time the writing mood hits you – just keep writing and schedule what you wrote – believe me it will less stressful for you.

I know what you are thinking – that mood never hits me well then maybe a visit to would be a great place as there are many people there that would write articles or blog post for you for $5.00  I personally like to write my own stuff as I really haven’t found anyone yet that writes with this hillbilly language that I use sometimes lololol.

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In summary – Autoresponders – why you need them is saves you time, keeps the communication open between you and your list, regular scheduling for you and your list, a chance to give you list more tips, ideas and suggestions and also make sales from your list (providing you don’t do this each email).

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24 thoughts on “Autoresponders – Why You Need Them

  1. Nancy, Wow you did it again. I don’t think I could of said, it any better. Autoreponders are the life blood to any home based business. If you don’t have one you better get one. Right Nancy?



  2. Great post Nancy! You hit the nail on the head. Autoresponders are so very important for any online business. I like what you said about writing when the mood strikes you. Sometimes it is very hard to just sit down and write something if your not in the mood. Great advice!

    Jolynn 🙂

    • Thanks Jolynn and yes I have times that I feel brain dead and can’t write nothing on those days – so stopped fighting what works and that is when the mood hit – keep writing 🙂

  3. Awesome post Nancy. It is true the autoresponder helps free up time that is best spent doing other things you need to get done and is the life blood of any business. Without an autoresponder, you lose a valuable asset to your business and your time. Autoresponders are the most important tool that you can have. Great job on this information Nancy. Yo have helped all of us see the value of having an autoresponder. Thanks
    David O’Rourke recently posted..List Builder Direct-The Money Is In The List

  4. Good stuff, Nancy. Having an autoresponder is like having a personal messenger. Just write the message and give it to the messenger. Just make sure you get a good messenger. Lazy messengers don’t really help do they? Same with autoresponders. Free ones are ok but they can be lazy at times so to speak. So if you are serious about your online business, get a good autoresponder. One that will be reliable.

  5. Great info, Nancy. Autoresponders are so very valuable because they do take a great deal of time and pressure off you so you can concentrate on other important parts of your business.

    Thanks for sharing,

    skype ellen_thorp

    • Oh I agree Ellen – sure have with me especially to write ahead and schedule my emails to go out on a more regular basis

  6. Hi Nancy,
    This is great information. I have found another auto-responder that gives you a whole lot more and you can even make money for referring others. If you would like the link you can email me. The cost for this auto-responder is only $10.75 per month which is almost half the cost for Aweber.

    Bobby Norris
    Skype freedomisreal

    • Thanks Bobby and nice to meet you – glad that you stopped by and added you on Skype – looking forward to chatting with you

    • Yes I agree Gerry – it’s amazing the offline business that have no clue this available and how this would benefit their business.

  7. Great post there again Nancy. Yes we all sure do need an autoresponder. Plus of course lots of signups in it help as well.
    Once againyour writing hits the nail on the head as we say.
    Great job.

    Kevan recently posted..Moving forward

  8. Autoresponders have always been a sore spot with me. I know it is necessary to have them and I know how to set them up but just cannot seem to grasp the concept of how to get traffic to them.

    Donna Meyer

    Skype: dgm47dgm

    • Donna – if you would like to chat with me I will answer your questions that you have and show you how mine work sometimes

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