Having a White Christmas

You know sometimes we take for granted the beauty God has given us and the more that I’m online the more that we really have so much to be blessed for in our lives.  Here is one of the blessings that I would like to share with you (now everyone that has to shovel this would not say it’s a blessing).

Born and raised in North Carolina, I know that most of you that live south never get to experience this very often.  I love living in Wisconsin and experiencing the 4 seasons and they all have their beauty.

One of the advantages of working from home is that you really don’t have to go out to a job, you don’t have to get all this snow cleared before reporting to work – you can just hibernate and enjoy it’s beauty.

Up in this neck of the woods, this makes some people very happy – this will give enough base that many of the winter activities can start – the ski hills open and they don’t have to make the fake snow and cross county skiers love the beauty as they stroll thru the trails set aside for them – most being thru our wonderful parks.

Then we have those that this brings out the kid in you – you can build snowmen, snow forts, and have your own private hills of snow to slide down from the snow pushed up from the plows.  AND the biggest thrill for most is being about to get their snowmobiles out and ride the trails – when we get snows like this you have miles and miles of trails that open all over the state connecting you to some awesome scenic places.

The other people that enjoy this and work very hard during a storm like this is all the ones that do snow removal – this is not an easy job as I did that for many years and you don’t get a lot of sleep as everyone wants to be first on your list and cleaned out NOW – but was quite an experience for me I have to say.

Well I wish everyone could experience a White Christmas – so am sharing mine with you and here is a picture that I can’t believe that I got and how nice he set for me while I opened the patio door and posed for me.

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10 thoughts on “Having a White Christmas

  1. Hi there ok second try to leave a post for you.
    As always a good post my friend. We have also had some here
    in the UK and they had some in Jersey C.I. where I come from.
    Where it does not snow very much let along stop the planes from taking
    off and landing. So it been a bit bad for them.

    Kevan recently posted..Soon be time

    • Sorry Kevan – glad you didn’t give up and we have had a mild winter till now but the snow cover is important for the perennials to keep them from dying over the winter

  2. Lovely pics 🙂 we had to do some shovelling here too… i really should learn to ski hehe…but it is definately is fun for all ages…odds on for a white christmas?

    • Thanks Niki – really never learned to ski either but I did enjoy snowmobiling for quite a few years and that was so enjoyable – saw some beautiful country – I remember once that I got to watch a Mom deer (doe) dig a path out for her fawn after they had jumped off the trail – it was awesome – the poor fawn was in snow to him/her neck and mom got in front of him/her and pawed the snow in front of it till the fawn could move again and then kept backing up till the fawn got back on the snowmobile trail and then they walked down the trail to the deer trail and off they went – that was something I will never forget 🙂

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