Internet marketing mistakes made by beginners

In this article I wanted to explain some internet marketing mistakes made by beginners and why would I do this – well mainly because I have made most of them.

When a person starts looking online for ways to earn some extra money there is so much info out there that it can get confusing. There is also many unethical marketers out there just waiting for the newbies with claims that really are too good to be true hoping to sucker them into buying their programs. Here are some internet marketing mistakes made by beginners that they need to avoid if they hope to be successful in their business.”

1)Β Β  Believing the “Get Rich Quick Ways To Make Money” – How many times have you seen this plastered all over? You have to realize there is “NO” big easy button. Most fall for the ads that make empty promises – you are not going rich overnite, you are not going to make 10,000 in your first week, and you are not going to retire in a year. When you see these promotions – that is just what they are promos to take your money and laugh all the way to the bank with it. You can earn money online but not without hard work and proper training.

2) Failing to learn how to use Google “PROPERLY” – I am amazed at how many people online that DO NOT use Google to do the research needed to make money. I too was guilty of this in the beginning, in fact if I had used it correctly I could have saved myself alot of money by NOT getting involved with a company selling their products and thinking I was going to do well. I have learned to make the Google Search engine my best friend – so when I’m told about a product – I Google it first before jumping in. When I’m meet someone new that is trying to pitch me – I Goggle them. When I have a question online – I Google it – 99% of the time someone has already had that same question and you will find the answer.

3) Fear of connecting with others online – this one I and many others can relate to. When I first started – like you – I heard all the horror stories about the strange, scary people on the net and don’t trust NO ANYONE with anything. Well, let me tell you that is like opening an offline store and keeping the doors locked because of the fear of talking to strangers – just how much money you think you are going to earn that way – same goes to the internet. Marketing is relationship building and you have to break through that stigma or you will not last long in this business.

4) Neglecting to lay a good foundation or getting the proper tools – You have maybe spent the money for this fancy website – maybe a online store – filled it with your inventory and can’t understand why people aren’t finding you and you are not getting any visitors. You might have started a wordpress blog and did some awesome post but no readers. Sound familiar??? This is kind of like buying a corvette expecting it to go fast and failing to put gas in the tank. We all been there and there are a few things we forgot and that is what I am trying to do here which is to prevent you from making the same mistakes.

You have to put gas in the tank if you want the engine to run. You have toΒ  do your research and if you do you will know that there are tools that you need online just like with any business. You need a business plan, a budget, your own domain, you own hosting, and an autoresponder to communicate with your new clients. If you don’t take the time to set all this up – then go back and do so now before you continue on any further.

5) Failure to get the needed training – can you tell me any job out there where you can really become proficient without training? I’m very guilty of as thinking that since my ex and I had ran a business offline – I thought this will be a piece of cake – well did I get a surprise and sure had the wrong thinking. Lets think about it – in the real world – if you were an accountant for 10 years and then you decided on a career change and wanted to be a lawyer – would you just walk into a court room without training???? The internet is no different – YOU NEED TRAINING and I recommend finding a coach/mentor or group to help teach you.

6) Wanting things to happen NOW – well we are so use to the net being so fast we have come to expect it now- but let’s think about it – when you were a baby – were you born crawling, walking, talking – NOOOOOOOOOO you had to learn and it all didn’t happen overnight – neither does internet marketing. You have to learn to do ONE thing at a time, master it and then move on to the next. Did you stop crawling, skipping, jumping, walking when you started running – NOOOOOOOO. You mastered each one over time. You will do the same online – just have to give it time.

7) Fear of Writing – yea I had to add this one as this was my BIGGEST mistake that I made. Most of you know that I’m just a country gal without the fancy education and most of the time I know what I want to say but have hard time putting it into words. BUT you know what – I had a friend tell me – Nance – write like you are talking to someone – so as crazy as it sounds that is what I do. If you could hear me sometimes – you would laugh so hard – as I’m setting here talking to this computer screen pretending it’s YOU. So now you know my secret, I am not a writer, I don’t know all the big words that most do, but I do believe speaking to you from my heart and sharing with you some things that I have done, gone thru and learned.

I probably could go on and on with Internet marketing mistakes made by beginners as I did have a list of about 20 lol but picked the most important.

14 thoughts on “Internet marketing mistakes made by beginners

  1. Great article and the advice is rock solid for all new marketers. Nothing like experience to help the new business owners get on track sooner. Thanks nancy

  2. Awesome post Nancy,

    I can relate to many of these starting out as a newbie on the internet. It felt foreign to me and definitely was afraid to ask for assistance or get to know anyone on the internet. And yes unfortunately I fell in the trap of losing alot of money in programs that wasnt truthful.

    This post Im sure will be a great help to those around the internet , thanks for sharing.

    susie moore
    skype smsforce

    • Thanks Susie and yes as I was doing my research – I could have went on and on as there are so many little things that we do that add up to major things and very easy to fall into lot of traps.

  3. Wow Nancy

    Awesome post.

    I think google is a wonderful tool. If your ever in doubt and need to find information or any type of study material you can usually find alot of the info free on Google.

    Thanks Nancy and great job

    • Thanks Craig – I can’t believe how intimidated I felt with Google when I first started – and I even remember I would just put in one word – and now I type in complete sentences – you do learn over time lol

    • Thanks Mike – somethings and sometimes we just have to learn the hard way and sometimes is takes little longer for the light bulb to go on lololol

  4. Hi there,
    Well I see that you already have the replies that I was going to say. But, yes really, I think everyone does, and for a long time yet will still do, all of those mistakes. As I think they are all apart of the learning curve that is needed by one and all.

    If we all just stop and think like you say, every one of us had to be taught how to walk n talk and use a knife and fork. Oh my, starting a rhyme there. Great post Nancy as you can see like wise my posting is really just chatting with you. It is the only way I can do it really.

    Kevan recently posted..Where has this year gone

    • That is great Kevan and you can chat with me anytime – I really appreciate you coming by and commenting on my post – always a pleasure πŸ™‚

  5. This is a fantastic post Nancy. My favorite part is when you spoke about writing like you would tell it to someone. When I was in my second year of college, studying communications, one of the first things they taught me was how not to write an essay. Essays are not journalistic. When you write for the media you have to make it as relatable and to the point as possible. If you use big words the average people will not understand what you are trying to say. Your writing is straight to the point and easy to understand. It is very well done. You are ahead of most with your writing. LOL

    • Oh wow I have so many tell me that but I sure don’t feel like I do as you would not believe how I struggle when I set down to write – very stressful to me – I can set an chat with someone all day but it’s something about writing that word is scares the crap out of me lolololol But thanks for the nice words – made my day

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