How To Tell If A Site Is A Scam

You know I have been working online long enough to see so many sites out there that are scam site and other sites that are not a scam but when you Google them it looks like they are.

Well there are some key ingredients that can jump out at you to tell you a site is a scam – the main one is that if it’s too good to be true and you are setting there asking yourself – how in the world can they offer that – then click the x at the top corner and run.

Other ways to tell if a site is a scam is most of these sites are ONE pagers and full of promises that no one can ever fulfill. They will have FAKE Testimonials and even those fake screen shots showing you their Paypal and Alertpay – those are so easy to create.

While researching how to tell if a site is a scam, the one thing that I did learn was when you put in a site into the Google Search (which I do BEFORE I join or buy from them) is that not all headlines are true. Most of you know my latest venture has been Global NPN and I’m going to use them as an example of what I’m talking about here.

If you Google Global NPN – you are going to see the front page full of headlines with scam in them – BUT wait – take a look closer at the true picture here. The first one is The Global NPN Scam– but the funny part is that after you read the article – which most will not do – you will find out that it was written by a single father of two that loves Global NPN and is making money but you know why scam is in his title………….Google will rank you higher if you put scam after the title of a company or product and it’s all about being on that front page.

Continue on down the page and you will see that there is NOT one article or video that is saying anything bad about Global NPN . All they were doing and all they were interested in was getting to page one on Google.

So I ask you, if you had an honest company out there that people were happy with and you ask your potential lead to Google and check out your program that you are telling them about, a company that is legit and really doesn’t have any negative reports, posts, articles or videos out there about them – is that really fair??????

This has been one of the things that has bugged me for quite awhile and just wanted to make people aware that you can’t always believe what you see – before you just read a headline and think it’s the truth – take the time to read and see the whole picture – look most closely before you make a final decision.

10 thoughts on “How To Tell If A Site Is A Scam

    • Yea I agree – I know as busy as we get sometimes we read the headlines and then skim the article – and really miss the truth of the author’s real point of writing.

    • Well I know I was guilty of just reading the headlines in the beginning and wanted others to know they should read the article – either it will tell them that they really aren’t or why they are – but is good to know either way

  1. Great thoughts Nancy. Yes, there are many scams out there, but I truly don’t think it’s fair for people to put “scam” behind or in front of a business that is honest and true just to get rated. Oh, well, probably someday Google will squelch that too.

    Great post! As usual I love your stuff!

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    Ellen Thorp recently posted..Home Based Business Research

    • Oh I agree and feel that we need to know about the “bad sites” but really don’t think that is fair to the sites that are honest and get a bad name when people see the word scam with their name without getting all the facts.

    • I agree Jennifer and unfortunately people don’t even realize the damage that they are doing to themselves and the company or product they are promoting – at least that is my opinion.

  2. Nancy great post , so true the complainers are so quick to cry foul
    You hit it right on the head.
    I love it when they say that Gblobal NPN was using PayPal, Global NPN only usses AlertPay
    They have never used PayPal.
    I wish you great success now and in the future

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